Anyone still want some on-air ham radio practice?


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Lehi, UT
EDIT: I forgot to ask you to post where you live, as well.

A few times on RME, some of us have expressed interest in testing our ham radios and/or getting a little practice with them. I even volunteered to lead such an on-air meeting, but things never worked out and it just didn't happen (such as the fell-apart-at-the-last-minute plan we had to do this in Moab at EJS). Is there still any interest for this?

My offer of leading the meeting still stands. I will be glad to do this one evening (or more, if needed), probably after 8:00 to give everyone time to return home from work, have dinner, etc before we start. Radio operators of all experience levels would be welcome to participate. The goal is to let everybody use their equipment in a casual, low-stress environment where there are no worries about learning from our mistakes. ;)

On paper, it would be easier for those with little/no experience to use a simplex frequency. However, since our homes are spread out over a wide area that probably won't be practical. Instead, I think we'll need to use one or more repeater(s), chosen based on where everybody is located and their radio hardware. This means step #1 is for each person involved to figure out ahead of time how to program a repeater into their own radio.

If you want to participate in this activity, reply to this thread. Tell me all of the following:
1) which evenings you would be able to participate
2) which frequency band(s) your radio uses (2m only? 2m and 70cm?)
3) what type of radio you have--mobile or handheld (Listing the exact make/model would be nice, if you could include that)
4) what type of antenna--permanent mount or magnetic mount for mobile radios; stock "rubber duck" or something upgraded for handheld radios
5) where you live (at least approximately)

Based on your answers, I'll try to select a repeater which is located in a more-or-less central area. Again, we may end up splitting this activity into multiple events--such as one for Utah county, one for Salt Lake county, etc.

Also: if you are having trouble figuring out how to program your radio, please speak up. I will be happy to help you with this in advance.
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I am definitely interested in participating!
1) I can be available almost any evening with notice. I have training on some Wednesdays until 8:30, but other than those nights I can be open.
2) Both 2m and 70cm
3) I would be participating most likely from my Mobile in my truck. Kenwood TM-D710GA.
4) Permanent mount antenna. Depending on the truck, will either be a Larson 1/2 wave, or a 5/8 wave.


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Lehi, UT
OOPS! I forgot to add that I'll need to know where everybody is located. For you two who have already replied, I know where both of you live, more or less, so that's fine for you guys.


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I would be interested too. Pick a day except Tuesday and I will try to make it happen.
You know where I live:cool:
I have the same radio you do:cool:
I have the same antenna you do :cool:


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Interested as well. Week nights, earlier than 8 would be my best chance, but don't try and pick a time and day to work with me, I'll just try and make whatever work.

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Interested most week nights work for me with a little heads up. In located in Sandy.

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Lehi, UT
UPDATE: I have not forgotten about this thread. As mentioned, I did send an email to a general address for the owner of the selected repeater. Two days later (on November 26th), I got a reply from someone who monitors that email account; he said he would forward it to the people that make the decisions and get back to me. I have not received any further responses since then.

Still waiting....