AR-15 for dummies


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I am very unfamiliar with AR’s. I’ve only shot them a couple times, and haven’t really enjoyed all the clanking and smacking that the springs and such do in my ear.
That being said, i’m taking some rifle courses, and think I may want to try some three gun shoots. So I have been looking at buying an AR. The problem I am having is that there are literally 1 million options, and I know nothing. Is there anything specific I should avoid or search out? I want to stay at entry level pricing.

This GUN looks good to me… But again I know nothing.



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I know very little. But that looks like a garden variety parts gun with nothing special about it not even the price.

I won't shoot an AR without a suppressor myself. Just too unpleasant to shoot without one.



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AR15 rifles are the "jeep" of the rifle world. So many bolt ons and mods avail.

I thoroughly enjoy shooting them.

It could come down to what type of shooting you want to do with it. Defense, sport, plink, long range, etc. There are even bolt action uppers avail mfg'd here in Utah (Uintah Precision, if I recall corrrectly)

You can even build out a nice defense carbine and pick up a different upper later down the road for other things.


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There are A LOT of manufacturers/ suppliers here in Utah. You should come to Shootah on July 20th which is a firearms (Utah) industry day held out West of Lehi. There will be Tons of vendors there and Literally hundreds of guns that you can go shoot for free or very reasonable prices (basically the cost of ammo). You can go get a lot of input from a lot of different people who know a lot about this stuff. Here is a link:

Also, I just added a discount of $2 to the early registration price for RME'ers. Use the code "RME" at checkout. (won't work for VIP registration)



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I would recommend building the lower, it will give you good insight into how the rifle functions and what parts you may want to upgrade in the future. With a good lower you can swap out uppers for different types of shooting


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That gun is from Davidson's defense. My personal opinion for an entry gun would not be that one. I have ordered quite a bit from palmetto state armory and have been pretty happy other than their shipping time. Like another said I would buy an upper. And build the lower. Either palmetto states or aero precision lower are good. I would suggest upgrading trigger, butt stock, muzzle device and possibly the buffer system to something more quiet since that is a concern of yours. I prefer a midlength gas system.

This upper looks good

This lower parts kit

JP and armaspec both make silent capture springs if the twang bothers you.

Also you'll need a buffer system and stock to complete the build. I have upgraded my stock to ones that dont rattle and move on buffer tube like cheap ones do.
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The things I could tell you.. So much out there to buy in the AR-15 world. You talk about shooting 3 gun, so that should guide you a little bit on what to buy. I would defiantly build one, and I would find the deals and gather parts. I like the side charging uppers, you can get one for a killer price from Bear Creek Arsenal, I have a lot of these and they have all functioned flawlessly and for $119.99 you get an upper and bolt. for 3 gun I would just find a 16" barrel, I would look at the AR Stoner from Midway and for around $100 you will get a good barrel. For a hand guard you cannot beat the Troy Alpha that you can get for $59.99 from Delta team tactical, I buy one every time I have some extra cash laying around. pick up a low profile gas block and gas tube from whoever has one cheap and you will have a killer upper for cheap.

On the lower pick up whatever milspec. and build . I am a big Geissele trigger fan but they are expensive, I found that you can get a pretty good drop in from Delta team tactical with lower parts kit and anti walk pins for $119.99 get a standard milspec buffer tube and buffer and a good stock, I like the minimalist from mission first tactical.. easy to build and learn a bunch about the gun.

Delta team tactical is Davidson defense and you can walk into the store and buy whatever from either site, just ask for stuff from the delta team tactical site because its less money, they also sell stripped lowers for good prices.


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I have always liked the side charge handle. I had a neighbor who was a machinist for grizzly firearms... he was supposed to get one for me.. but that never happened.


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my old man has built about 50 AR's based on many different complete uppers from Palmeto. Lowers have been a mix. Several from Tegra arms in UT county have held up to a few thousand rounds. Nothing beat to badly or tested thoroughly but they seem to work pretty well and they are light and local.