Bend-tech software?

Hey guys. I'm looking at some software to design brackets, bumpers, tube-components. Has anyone used Bend-tech before? I've been using Auto-cad light which is decent but the learning curve is steep for drawing 3d components.

Any feedback?


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You are correct about AutoCAD’s 3D learning curve being steep. Even if you get the hang of it, it’s not great in that aspect. There are other programs that are easier to learn and do a better job.

I don’t know much about Bend-tech, but I’ve got a lot of experience with other modeling programs.


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I have it and I love it. measure, mark and bend. Having a vertical bender makes it easier, I just level my bender and then use a digital degree finder.


But stuck more often.
I've been using Bend-Tech for 10 years. No one ever taught me how to bend so I really struggled on complicated bends when first getting into fabricating. I started using bend tech and that changed everything. I wouldn't recommend just jumping in and designing an entire complicated roll cage with it because the calculations I think are too perfect. If you can't cut and bend exactly how it calculated it can get ugly. I tend to just design and build a tube as needed in a cage.
I also have the plate software that you are probably more interested in for this thread. I haven't used it much other than just looking at it. Never designed anything with it. It uses the same pick point system for layout. That really lowers the learning curve. I think you'll enjoy it if you decide to buy it.

Bend tech is the only real software I have ever purchased. I needed tech support one time on an issue and they wouldn't talk to me until I had the most current software version. IE pay up! I thought that was odd and was a bit disappointed. Maybe all software companies are like that. Not sure. Just something I thought I would point out.
Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll go for it. I kind of enjoy drawing up these things. I don't think I will be doing much tube work for a while. I think most of what I will be drawing is cross members, bumpers, brackets etc. Most of this stuff is fairly easy to draw in 2D on Autocad but now that I'm trying to draw up a bumper I'm finding out it's maybe not the right software for what I'm doing.


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I used to use Bend-Tech EZ and it was great, but I don't have a Winddows box anymore and running it in simulator doesn't sound like fun. I just gave this a try and it looks pretty good for simple bends