Trip Report Blackrock and then some...

Me, rubi on rocks and homefry made quick work going up blackrock canyon. No mud on the railroad bed rd. Just a few inches of snow covered the trail.

At the top we discussed where to go next. Since neither of them have been there yet, I took em over to Lil Moab.
Getting a little rowdy on the way over.
Homefry had a spinout and I almost did the same but worse :oops: . All in good fun.
Tried out a few obstacles by the road then went up to the main rocks. Most covered in snow.
On the way out we did some doughnuts in the sand at the bottom.
Great day.
IMG_20180127_100447.jpg IMG_20180127_101456.jpg IMG_20180127_104419.jpg IMG_20180127_104440.jpg IMG_20180127_144431.jpg IMG_20180127_145126.jpg
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