Blanding, UT - Hotel Rock

Hotel Rock 4x4 Trail
Difficulty: 4
Location: Trail starts in Comb Wash 2 miles north of State Highway 95.
Distance: 3 miles one way
Description: This trail climbs up out of Comb Wash over some slick rock until it levels out on the mesa top. The climb includes several obstacles with steep and narrow sharp turns. There is one section that is narrow and off camber. The trail ends at the the Hotel Rock ruins. These are excellent Anasazi ruins with a great view.

Hotel Rock GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 37°32'49.61"N, 109°39'54.40"W
  • Trail End: 37°34'20.16"N, 109°42'9.22"W
To View trail in Google Earth: Download the attached .KMZ File and Open.

Hotel Rock Trail Map


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Keep in mind that this trail is trying to be shut down by enviormental groups. Always make sure you leave the trail in better condition than what you found it.

That said, I want to run it, since I was just on the other side of the highway there 3 weeks ago!


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Cedar City

heres one of the camel back... also, you don't have to turn around and come back the same way. you can continue up onto milkranch point and take a loop that comes back down through cottonwood.... all gravel roads but nice scenery...

mountain man

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Hi All...Would you know if a stock 4x4 Ford Explorer would be able to navigate the Hotel Rock road to Hotel Rock ruins?
Thanks for you help.

Mountain Man