Brad Yates 2001 Jeep Wangler (Spring 2003 Featured Rig)


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Brad is a Georgia native who originally built his TJ to tackle the deep Mud pits & slick trails the South has to offer. He moved to Utah to go to school at BYU and found why the Rocks of the West can be so addicting.

Here's a breakdown of how he setup his Wrangler so it would be capable anywhere he takes it.

Engine- 4.0L, Straight Six.

Mods: A K&N Air Filter and a York Air Compressor, for operating the ARB on the Trail, then airing up after it's over.

Transmission- Stock NV3550, 5 Spd. Manual.

Transfer Case- NP231 modified with a Currie SYE.


Front: Stock Dana 30 w/ 4.56's.

Rear: Stock Dana 44 w/ 4.56's and an ARB Air Locker.

Suspension- Rubicon Express 4.5" Super Flex kit.

Tires & Wheels- 35x14.5x15 Super Swamper SSRs on 15x10 AR-767s

Protection- OYR Corner Guards, BulletProof Mfg. rear bumper and a set of FourXDoctor rocker guards help defend the TJ from the Rocks.

Winch- Warn M8000 Winch on the bobbed, stock bumper.

Interesting Facts- The fenders were trimmed Flatty style to fit the large Tires, LED lights were used for Turn Signals & Brake lights, 2 tractor lights for backups and third for a undercarriage work light. The power gets to the axles by a set of TW Driveshafts front and rear, a Yellow top Optima Battery fires up the 4.0, a Cobra CB sits on a CB rack for communication, and a Tuffy Glovebox & Console keep Brad's stuff from stickey fingers. The Tub is Herculined for when the Mud starts flying and a 1” MORE Body Lift and Motor Mount Lift help with clearance.

Whats Next?-

Within the next month:

- Custom Roll Cage by Anarchy Offroad.
- Currie Anti-Rock bar.
- SlickRock Fab front bumper.
- Rear Tire carrier.

After the next 2 years:

- Dana 300 Transfer case w/4:1, a Flip kit, and HD Output Shaft.
- Dana 44 Front axle from a 80's Waggoneer, built with w/ 4.56's and a ARB.
- Dual Optima batteries and a Onboard Welder.

(Brad's been called to serve an LDS Mission in Helsinki, Finland at the end of July, so he'll be dreaming of his TJ while it gathers dust in storage for 2 years!)

Brad's Story- "The parents bought the Jeep off the lot totally stock. It took me 3 days to learn how to drive a manual. I went to Quadratec first and almost went the route of chroming everything out, but luckily I hit the mud. My only thought was what I needed to hit bigger mud puddles and survive. Then came the Lift, 33" Xterrains and the Winch. I was accepted to BYU so drove it 2,000 miles (breaking down in St. Louis, eastside of course). Once the parents were off my back but still sending Christmas money, and what not, the Jeep got it's full out make-over! York OBA, 35" Super Swampers, Flatfendered, and most of the broken stuff was replaced or upgraded. So far it's been to Moab three times between breaks at school and I've finally got the hang of this rock stuff! I have big plans in mind for the jeep but it's won't go over 35's until i'm married and get a different daily driver.

The 5 things I love the most are Food, Sleep, Jeep, Girls, and of course... my Parents. Awww, how sweet. Keep up the wrenching compadres & whenever you go out to work on your rig don't forget the BFH! :D "
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Brad get's pretty excited about cutting up his '01 Wrangler!! He's Flat Fendering the Jeep here.



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You gotta have the AF Canyon pic! This was taken at the top of Mineral Basin.


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Originally posted by Greg
".......I have big plans in mind for the jeep but it's won't go over 35's until i'm married and get a different daily driver........"
This is my favorite line.


Good luck on it all Brad!! Let's get that mission over with first though, then we'll talk "daily driver" ;) ;)
What are you studying at BYU?

Brad Yates

airwalks are cool
greg did a pretty good job didn't he :D. i finally feel like part of the family on this board. SAMI - i swear if my jeep were just a few thousand pounds lighter i would mistake it for one hot chick with that flatfendered look and hug it and kiss it and date it, but not marry it! nope mission is first thing (why do you have to doubt me britney?). i think i'm studying either mechanical engineering or computer something. right now i'm just getting some of the GE's outta the way.


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Good lookin TJ, You can let me borrow it while you're on the mission.

Congrats going to Finland.... I'm scared for my call in about 6 months!

Not only will I miss my jeep for 2 years, but wonder which of my bros are beating it at the same time!


Hey Greg,,, you forgot to put the "custom" t-case issues on the list of things the Jeep has!

J/K Brad, I liked the way you Jeep looked, just didn't like the noises that it was making.


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West Jordan
just read the part on the dana 300 with a 4.1 with a flip kit... isnt that about as much as an atlas? please please explain this to me

Brad Yates

airwalks are cool
you can get a Dana 300 in good condition for $250. then if you buy the flipkit and 4:1 in a group buy that'll only cost you about $550 each. that's a total of $1350, much cheaper than an atlas II and a couple inches shorter too! and if you buy a clocking ring for $125 then you can run a flat skid.


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im starting mechanical engineering this fall at the U, then turning in two years for a mission after two semesters of school.:)


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I love a clean Jeep...I miss mine like something fierce:(...

good choice on the D300, great t-case at a fraction of the cost of an atlas...BTW I believe that when you flip it you dont need to get an additional clocking ring to clock it flat...I think most the flip kits include different clocking positions...