Brad Yates 2001 Jeep Wangler (Spring 2003 Featured Rig)


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I'm a BYU wheeler too =). Anyone out there think we should start a BYU 4x4 club? Also, if any of you BYU guys or gals, or college age kids like Moab, call me because I need more jeeps in my groups. Free hotel rooms too, lol.

Brad Yates

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if y'all are on facebook there are some jeeping groups on there. but by this time of year it's too dang cold for me. keep in touch and come spring we'll hit a trail.

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RedBull_RockIt said:
Brad, is your competition rig, the same one as featured in this story??? If so, that's one hell of a transition!
Are you referring to his avatar? If so, that's my old Supermod rig--he just photochopped the rainbow stripes on it. ;)


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(Brad's been called to serve an LDS Mission in Helsinki, Finland at the end of July, so he'll be dreaming of his TJ while it gathers dust in storage for 2 years!)

A jeep is alot of fun but a mission is alot more fun I think, Think of it this way; when your comp is driving you nuts, everything isn't going right,the language is just to hard, or anything else that happens on the mission just don't go right; you could just do some therpy and imagine what to do next on your jeep when you return. That kept me sane while in the Philippines.
Good luck, don't worry she'll be there when you get back... I'm talking about the jeep. hehe!
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Brad Yates

airwalks are cool
i've been off the mission for almost a year. but yes, that's what i did when it got cold and we had to come home freezing and wet at night because we peddled against the snowstorm. i thought and i thought and i thought some more. and now i'm finally in a position to get some of those awesome thoughts realized. i'm back in georgia for the summer and i have a garage!


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Brad That Is Is Sweet Tj... My Friend Just Got Called To That Same Mission He Leaves On Oct 18 I Head Out For Mexico City In 2 Weeks My Tj Will Sit In My Garage Too