Ford Brian's bronco 2 gets wontons and dddd

This is my good friend brians bronco2 that we are trying to pimp out in time for koh. Last year i posted pictures of it when we did the exo cage days before koh. This year we decided to do the same thing again by rushing to get it done in time for koh. This year we are ditching his half ton hp44 and 9" axles on 35s and installing some 1 tons with hydro steer on beadlocks and 40's. .er 39s.

This poor little bronco has been beat hard trying to keep up with my buggys over the last year. It is really fitting for brian to have a bronco 2 because when we were in high school he had a full sized bronco that we beat and modified till there was nothing good on it and it was scrapped.
26239110_1582031758551775_8177328689496354329_n.jpg 26229858_1582031765218441_2358691579944748657_n.jpg 26231679_1582035291884755_5825895374324901636_n.jpg 26733952_1582034698551481_3590344337208194129_n.jpg 26229380_1582031761885108_2882212319510496126_n.jpg
Parts "upgrade".

Flipped rear leaf springs to move the axle back 6"
2.0 air shocks up front to replace the old coils and broken shocks.
shooting for a 3 link up front but might keep it radius armed, either way the new links will be 2" dom with hiems on both ends.
'05 newer souper dooper dana 60 front with welded carrier and 5.38s with a full hydro double ended ram and some crap welded to the stock cover.
late style 14bolt welded with 5.38s, diff cover, pinion shovel, and disc brakes.
weld on bead locks on 17" wheels
used/bald af 39 baja stickies
SS kegger gas tank moved to the back as well as the battery moved
Gutted engine bay trying to save wieght.
Aluminum steering wheel.
new motor mouts.
new tranny x member
Probably some hacked together drive lines and brake lines the day we load it on the trailer.
Probably some paint once its loaded on the trailer to go to koh if there is time but probably not.

We have most the parts already. still need to figure out what hydro pump. We may try to adapt a tc style pump onto the worn out 2.9 it has in it.
Some souper 60 stuff

26219303_1582030131885271_7186348616600343518_n.jpg 26814472_1582030138551937_3891868337741758509_n.jpg 26219690_1582030228551928_8161205496108643768_n.jpg 26220231_1582030215218596_9176775709903425205_n.jpg

There is not a lot of room to mount link tabs on the short side of these 05 and newer 60s so it has been common practice from what i have seen in interwebz land to cut out a decent section of the casting. The castings on these are much longer then the older stuff allowing the tubes to go in further.
26231163_1582031768551774_7561580345399546097_n.jpg 26220240_1582031888551762_7892983126731209857_n (1).jpg

26219207_1582035245218093_8538369406002273629_n.jpg 26804449_1582031885218429_1622595382269272878_n.jpg

I didnt take good pics of the high steering arms we fabricated, but they are essentially knock offs of jesse haines's stuff.

Because setting up dana 60 gears is the devil i left a nice easter egg in there. There is also some high dollar tech pictured there, we always welds some bolts in ends there to wedge against the carrier in the unlikely event of the pin shearing.
Before Austin left for nodak last week he plumbed in and mounted the new external fuel pump and filters, hooked every thing back on the motor that he disconnected when he ripped out the inner fender wells, cut the exhaust off for what ever damn reason, and drew up and cut out some spring perches.

It has been a busy week getting things done. I finished stuffing some gears into the 14 bolts, fabricated a diff cover for it, fully cleaned and replaced all the seals, and installed the disc brakes. Friday i fabricated a roll cage for a sxs while brian and few other yahoos got the 14 bolts stuffed under the rig. Tonight i fabbed a steering wheel adapter and mounted it, they started mounting rock lights and mocking up rear shocks. One of our derby car friends didnt like how the rear corners where missing the tail lights so he heat and beat them closed for what ever reason. I cut out some parts on the plasma table and started mapping out the front suspension. I looks like will will be able to stuff a 4 link under there with some precision hackery of the front frame rails.

14 bolt nom nom. Dont mind the cocked eyed u bolt, our derby car friend installed that side lol.
26239689_1586246641463620_3400027729239050608_n.jpg 26804943_1586246928130258_2485684619912879316_n.jpg
8 lug conversion on the tire mount as well. Sad to see the little rocket ship go.

Massive Knuckles on these souper 60s 26230630_1586246941463590_2915978651629338813_n.jpg 26730824_1586247041463580_6142288790660420620_n.jpg

mmm plasma table 26804399_1586247058130245_1828765781900198589_n.jpg 26804358_1586247054796912_2315998176193691957_n.jpg

Money shot right there. The wheel base is stretched out to 109" with 25" of belly clearance.
Did some rear brake lines today, and ordered the rest of the parts we need to finish it. I ended up getting a TC style pump that we will have fabricate a mount for to fit on the powerfull 2.9 v6 in this ford. Yesterday i fabricated the lower link mounts and new 2" 1/4"wall dom lower link.

26907842_1587870764634541_5226945127574021809_n.jpg 26231793_1587870757967875_976210897268880554_n.jpg 26239783_1587870761301208_7755155990088486704_n.jpg 26815534_1587870754634542_4162289193862072378_n.jpg

KOH2017 Before pics of the bronco

16708389_1257943647627256_2353985389261763488_n.jpg 16684391_1257959524292335_5566630775581632102_n.jpg 16684004_1257946334293654_5861594569157677846_n.jpg

Every year we dig a shovel head sized hole as deep as we can in camp on the lake bed. Its tradition.

Planting carrot tops

16708350_1257952880959666_753380390800392831_n.jpg 16681882_1257952874293000_7800535796668466964_n.jpg
Saturdays progress.

I finished the 4 link. Installed some hoops and air shocks, limiting straps and hacked the frame all to hell.
26804566_1593407640747520_5962807813592716254_n.jpg 26804566_1593407640747520_5962807813592716254_n.jpg
26903838_1593409110747373_2451171169551672328_n.jpg 26814820_1593407834080834_3323413683110288955_n.jpg
Stuffed 26815067_1593407624080855_7364078939588468707_n.jpg
Austin dickin off

Brian is pleased 26907743_1593408237414127_2085846780552151545_n.jpg

Rocklights got wired out. 27072773_1593408364080781_4710335290430519634_n.jpg

Austin started the trans x member. The old one had the lower link brackets for radius arms welded to it and it was broken in half. 26804708_1593406197414331_4820652315139503739_n.jpg
I mounted up the tc style steering pump on the powerful 2.9 tonight, I even got it to retain the factory belt length. I sure love my plasma table.

26993908_1593408360747448_5695712174962404387_n.jpg 26815042_1593408864080731_9047335266677125832_n.jpg 26814725_1593409144080703_1239171175496588786_n.jpg 26804811_1593409130747371_6907037378406365078_n.jpg
Battery disconnect because race car 26992035_1593406177414333_985128198690621022_n.jpg

Cut off the old mount and tube entirely and remounted the 8 lug mount, and had to relocate the spare fuel can holder over a few inches. 26991953_1593406187414332_4160853583075325561_n.jpg 26804985_1593406190747665_2171501666661170476_n.jpg