Ford Brian's bronco 2 gets wontons and dddd

I love how much you are getting done and how fast!

And yes that plasma table is AWESOME!!!!
So far 7 different peopled have helped get it done. I had brian and another friend installing my new tires on my two seat buggy over the weekend while i was linking out the bronco. Austin has been working on it all night while i have been at work. There will be 3-5 people riding around in it all week at koh so its imperative that it gets done.
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KOH prep is happing


Austin put in some new tail lights, he even wired in the brake lights:rolleyes: 27072860_1596607600427524_2628730255938973962_n.jpg

Off the top of my head we still need hydro lines made, Im waiting on one -10 fitting (USPS :mad:) to install the hydro reservoir, cooler, and filter, bleed the brake lines and mount them to the axle, install nuts on the shock bolts and air them up, build drive lines (our drive line guy is coming over today to measure them. Austin measured the joints and said they will fit in these yokes so he should just have to make them longer), Track down the right straps for the rear 14bolt yoke, Move a mountain of crap we removed thats just outside the garage door, maybe install gauges on the motor to monitor temp, voltage, and oil psi, squirt some more wd-40 on it.
Brian asked me if he should put the stickers that came with his shocks on them, i said "well ya, it will add performance", I then told him to put both stickers on one shock and leave the other one bare, Ya know. . for science. We ended up putting a coupled more stickers on there. We will check the shocks every day while we are out there and record the data. Last year we put 4 new shock on the bronco days before left for koh and they were all pissing oil by the 3rd day.:rofl:

What sort of fitting are you waiting on? Maybe I have something that could arrive quicker?
Just a female -10 to 5/8 barb. Its the feed line off the steering reservoir. If its not here tomorrow i will cut the AN fitting off the steering resi and weld a 3/8" thick circle over the hole and drill and tap it to a pipe tread and go to the hardware store and buy a pipe to barb fitting. USPS is ass:mad:. Thanks anyway.

We outsourced the drive lines to some good friends that have a drive line shop, its simple lengthen on them with a conversion joint on the front shaft. The front drive line only had 3/8" plung from full bump to full droop :beer:. We are keeping them cheap and simple for now because we plan on putting in a atlas this spring, and will upgrade all of them to 1410. It will need better t case gears with the bigger tires and extra weight now. There has been a few spots it got jammed up and would stall out but as soon as the passengers would get out it would have enough power to keep going:rofl:. We keep trying to talk him into a v8 but he is concerned about fuel mileage:rolleyes: he takes his dogs running a lot with it and "doesn't want to spend 20$ every time he takes them out".
Ultra high dollar bracketry on this pile because plasmatable

steering filter


Brass pluming parts from home depot because USPS lost our high dollar AN fittings:mad: image.jpeg


I had to make a damn bolt because Austin decided to make the trans mount super wide. This has to be less getto than all thread right?

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Got the wench mounted, brake lines ran, hydro plumbed and working, drivelines back, rear is installed, front needs yoke removed and milled to accept u bolts and the frame needs clearances do to clear drive line at full droop, I torched the core support to clear the tranny lines it had been rubbing, need to wire wench, install and wire in new electric fan, giant run on sentences for days, fab rear anti wrap bar to get the 14b stock yoke straps to live.

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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I've been enjoying the progress you're making on this thing. :cool:

That said, I think the traction bar is going to fold up.


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That said, I think the traction bar is going to fold up.
Or tear apart. Right here:
It looks like there is additional structure on the other side of the plate that might stiffen it up a bunch, but I can't tell in the pic. Either way, I think that having part of the traction bar welded solid to the axle/shovel is going to cause issues.

Otherwise it looks like an awesome little rig to rally!
I agree it could be built better but I'm afraid you guys are underestimating how fast this pile was tossed together lol. That top tube is the old drag link, and the 1/4plate is compressed when loaded. I dont like mounting them to the tubes unless there is a proper truss tying the tubes to the center chunk, otherwise the center chunk will try and spin free from the tubes. A 4 link, axle shave, and atlas was already planned but not enough time
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Shock testing inconclusive. The one with the stickers was smashed on day one. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
Camp hole 2018 image.jpeg

Broken Toyota steering studs. 4 wheel parts had new ones to us the next day. image.jpeg image.jpeg

Radiator overflow was added on the lake bed.
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