Gear / Accessories Building a OUT (Overland Utility Trailer)


More progress on the chassis... I welded the hitch in place and included a brace that is butts up to, hoping to spread the load a bit more. I also added a couple of supports from the hitch back to the frame.

20180522_190126.jpg 20180522_185931.jpg 20180522_185912.jpg

@Anchor_Mtn told me that JK stock wheels would not work with this 3500 pound trailer axle a while ago, but I really had it in my mind to run the stock wheels. After realizing (he was right!) they won't fit over the hub, I decided to order some cheap steel wheels, went with Cragar Soft 8's. I could have added wheel spacers and made the JK wheels work, but I really don't like running spacers on anything. At least with the steel wheels, if I ever bend one, I should be able to hammer it back straight again.


I had to stop my work when I ran out of wire! :mad2: