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Bullet proof Dodge steering upgrade

Hi bryson, I read your article on the bullet proof steering. I also have a 2001 (3500) I bought the kit bolted it on, but my steering draglink is too long throwing my center steering off 1 1/2 to the left and 21/2 to the right did you have to change the pitman arm?

Any thoughts or help will be appreciated.
Theres a video on this on youtube you have to take the little metal piece out so you can dial the rods far enough in to get ur alignment correct hope it helps I'm try in to find out if I can do the upgrade on my 1500 ram 4x4
I triple checked and so all know the upgrade made by synergy as long as you get the proper year bolts rite together on the 4x4 1500 ram & now I have the upgraded T steering its great & it steers like a new truck thanks for everyone's help!