Can we talk dogs?


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I go back and forth between the Earthborn holistic food that the lady at the little pet store recommended and Costco Kirkland

He seems to like them both similarly. The Earthborn is more expensive but he only needs about 2.5 cups per day. The cheaper costco is 4 cups per day (60 lb dog). I think the costco is still slightly cheaper per serving, but I haven't done the math and it's pretty close. I will say his poops are proportionally larger on the Costco food, so I try to get the other stuff when I can so I don't have to pick up so many gigantic poops. It's just hard for me to make it to that shop (I prefer to shop local when I can) during business hours. I also have to switch flavors up every time because my dog is an elitist asshole and needs variety or he will just turn his nose up at it.


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I was once told to look at the crude protein in the food. The higher that number, the better the food and the less filler there will be which results in fewer yard bombs.


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I've fed our dogs Taste of the Wild for 8 years or so. It's a top tier food, so it does carry a higher price than many other brands out there. I've seen too many overweight dogs with tumors/cancer and dying early who were fed the cheap corn stuff.... which is why I went for proven healthy food that I can trust.

Which is ironic because I enjoy eating rotten ronnie's more than I should.


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Don't buy into the "grain free" marketing going on now days. Unless a dog has a specific allergy, the grains are beneficial (just remind yourself wild carnivores don't just go for the roasts and steaks). I have seen patients do well, and some poorly, on most any food. But in general, those with more research and facts behind their products (not just hype) are Science Diet, Royal Canin, and the higher quality Prurina products.

If you are feeding a quality diet, then vitamin supplements are not needed.


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So @Houndoc, in your professional opinion, are there any "big box store" brand foods that are worth using? I have looked on, and found the food I use only gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating. Do you agree with their assessments on the different foods? My dogs seem to have plenty of energy and they don't ever seem "sick" from the food we get. The reason we went with the grain free stuff is that my boxer mix really didn't do well with the Science Diet, so we tried the 4Health brand and it helped immensely. The same thing goes for our two cats, so we just stayed with it. I just think our one dog seems to have to go out more than I think she should. Both of our dogs are fit and not overweight, even with just getting moderate exercise.
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