Champion Generators?


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Does anyone have real world experience with Champion generators?

Looking for feedback, probably going to be needing one sooner rather than later and it seems like the reviews online are pretty good for the newer ones.

I would prefer to buy one that has remote, electric start. We will be using it with our camp trailer so it needs to be capable of running air conditioning and the microwave.


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We have a 3500 peak Champion. It is super old. Runs fine. They are loud, but not any worse than other brands.
However, the ultra quiet units are WAAAAAYYYY nicer to have around.
The HF predator as mentioned has been a pretty reliable unit for my friends.


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Following generator threads in a couple of places. I do not have experience with Champion, but have heard several (like glockman) say that they are really loud. Yamaha and Honda are top shelf, but the Predators are a very good knock-off copy. If I were in the market for one, I would look seriously at a 3500 Predator.
I have a Champion 3650 watt and it works well for our 30-amp fifth wheel. It doesn't seem any louder than other non-inverter type generators. We boondock often and use this generator for a few hours each day to charge batteries and maybe watch an evening movie. I've only run the 15k BTU AC a couple times, but it did fine. I'd love a 3500 watt inverter, but for my use it's hard to justify the additional cost when the Champion just chugs along.


The open-frame units are stupid loud but the ones with all of the plastic cladding and remote start aren't. I bought some cheapy 4000 watt unit, like a predator and it's so loud I hate it- but I rarely use it since we prefer campgrounds with hook-ups. If I were to use it more I'd buy a nicer Champion unit. My neighbor has one and I'm seriously impressed by it. The remote start is genius!


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Good info guys, thanks for weighing in! Looks like the newer inverter generators are much quieter, but way more cost. They also produce cleaner power and I believe the RPM's will vary based on power draw, so it's not at full RPM. The older non-inverter units need to operate at full RPM all the time to produce the needed power output. Interesting about the Predator generators from HF, the new inverter generators have great reviews.

Our A/C unit is rated at 13.5k BTU and it looks like I'll need 3,800 starting watts and 1800 running watts.

This Champion Inverter Generator I'm looking at is rated for 4250 watts and priced at $600, which is a great price for the power rating and inverter. Its manual start and rated at 64 DBA, which isn't too bad. -


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We get a lot of them for sale at the auction-- well used, so I guess they must have run at least that well, to get that beat up??

Big Rich has some of those little Hondas, they've been used all weekend for every WERock event that I"ve been to since '09, and they're quiet, but also I think pricey. But quiet, they kind of burble, and don't intrude much into your hearing. Also, smallish.


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I have a Honda EU3000i. Absolutely love it! Fuel usage is low, fuel capacity is high. Can run an electric heater on the 750W setting for 2 nights on the tank (was below freezing on the last dirt bike trip). Mine will run my 12.5 A/C at 10k elevation.

The only thing I'd do different if I was on the hunt is to get 2 2000W units (I think the Honda is a 2200W now), and run those in parallel for the A/C. Just 1 for maintaining batteries, CPAP, ect. One will run most microwaves at lower elevation. The smaller units are a lot easier to move around, but you give up the electric start and have a lower runtime. Main reason I'd do the smaller pair is ease of loading. The 3k is a little over 100#.

A friend had a Champion, hated it strictly because of the noise. Got rid of it. But pretty much all construction/single speed units are noisy.


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I had a 3500Peak unit and it was a solid runner... started on first pull every time. but like has been mentioned it was loud. It had a 4 gallon tank that would run all day. I bought it off a guy in the air force that was leaving post and didn't have room for it.

I looked at the dual 2kw units from honda and it made sense to me to just use one for little stuff and then connect the two in series for full a/c use.

One thing you need to do is use ethanol free gas from the start... This will make it last longer!


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Take a look at the Westinghouse iGen4500 4,500/3,700 Watt Gas Inverter Generator, it is also sold as the Cummins Onan P4500i Inverter Portable Generator. They seem to have good reviews.
I'm sold on Hondas. I started out with an EU3000. I love it and it was super quiet, but a hassle to move around and would barely run one a/c. I moved to two EU2200's when I got tired of asking my wife to help me move it.

The only thing I have heard about the Champions is that they produce electricity and they are noisy. I think everyone I know with them has the open models, not the nice plastic Honda clone.

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I'd go Inverter for sure, especially since you like to have nice stuff. Everyone around you will be grateful including your wife. Movies are nicer when not turned up to cover the generator noise. I am still suffering with a regular one from Sams. It has been a very solid unit and was cheap.


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You definitely want an inverter generator. They are much less noisy. I have. Firman that I've used for 4 years now. It has the remote start and shut down. I would absolutely get that feature again.

I've had my eye on that Cummins branded genset for a while. The wattage is just right for my needs.


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I just bought the Echo EGI-3600LN after calling every dealer for the Honda EU3000 and coming up empty handed.
It is has the same warranty and is 1/2 the cost of the Honda at $1,200. It is very quiet and has a fold out handle setup to roll it around. It has some cool features such as load, fuel, voltage output and service minder gauges.