Chevy Spring swap onto Toyota PU


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Thought I'd add a little info...
I ordered most of my stuff from sky manufacturing. 7" shackles eye to eye, I put the front mount 11" forward from stock, I got a 45 degree by mounting my shackle hangers just behind the stock ones.
The flex and ride is a lot better than the springs I had before, I was always pulling a tire off the ground. And now I feel like I can shoot gaps without feeling like I'm about to roll. :D
Sorry about the quality of my poser shot, cell phone pic... :rolleyes:



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Ford has a spring (don't know what truck its from) that is the same length from the center pin to the bolt hole as the chevy 63's on one side and the same length as the stock toy springs on the other. If you got those you'd be able to use the stock shackle mount location and just move the front spring hanger. Rotbox runs them on his toy and they seem to do really well:)
i don't have a bed so this might not help but, i had allready cut my frame up to the stock mounts as well before i discovered the 63s. i ordered a kit from ruff stuff(quality stuff). when i put them on i ground all the old mounts off, pushed the new shackle hanger back as far as possible, bolted the spring to my axle, put a little weight on the truck to kinda eye ball the shakle angle, measured for square and burnt it in. i ended up loosing about 2" of wheel base, but hoping to gain it back with the RUF swap. and so far i love them, and i already am running tg 3" springs up front and it sits just right. the chevy pack is a 4x4 pack with the overload removed so i have a 3 leaf pack. hope this helps