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Im looking at widening or driveway and possibly a pad for a shed. Does anyone have recommendations for concert guys? I got one quote and i feel it's high... but i have no idea.... and obviously they say to get 3 bids.

I will likely have more work for them in the next couple of years with a garage, patio and retaining walls as well... but for now it's just widening about 30' length of driveway. Including tear out and full replacement

Agility Customs

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Andy Byers 801-712-2230

Tell Him Ryan gave you his info. He is not cheap, But I have 2 conjoining concrete pads and you can see the difference in finish work with Andys Work vs the other guys. He takes the time and does it right.


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My brother has his own concrete company, and he does very good work. Call Desert Valley Construction 801-628-5693, his name is Chad.

I fat fingered the number, it's correct now.
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