General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy

Finally had a chance to try the windshield out today. When i was having the glass installed my radiator sprung a leak. It had been Wet looking in one spot and had finally had enough. It was leaking right where the tube goes into the tank. I took it to friend that repairs radiators and he said its a crappy spot to fix on an all aluminum radiator. On a brass one he can soak a bunch of solder on it but on aluminum its a gamble and on a plastic tank one he would just tank the tanks off and plug it off on inside. So i took it home and opted to cut the tanks open and block the tube that was leaking.

I figured it started leaking from the way i mounted it. On my two seat buggy and on austins buggy we welded flanges right to the tank and simply bolt the radiator on. On the two seater i opted to create a pinch style mount that i see regularly with buggys. I probably could of mounted it better but the way i did mount is what caused it to leak i think. I ended up remounting it flange style after repairing it. I also threw yet another trans cooler we had on the shelf while it was apart. They both seam to stay cool enough but i can overheat them if i want. The tranny seams to take longer to get hot and longer to get cool.

My radiator only cools 97.5% as good now.
49268330_2291653147783210_8631611601725685760_n.jpg 50620489_974621009388163_3882229537378926592_n.jpg

One molested radiator i tell you what. 50115496_401861423893119_2397943274296836096_n.jpg 50267716_342368819938348_5783853902847803392_n.jpg 50461241_2349853911914804_7182666532873306112_n.jpg 50835132_1273448619462510_6819344026555121664_n.jpg 50091133_1912313155562814_7338723267630333952_n.jpg 50459966_983294761868474_596076065512751104_n.jpg

Finally put hose clamps on the resi's. Zip ties have been on there for years lol. 50170670_233738544176898_2341048675750379520_n.jpg