General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy


Richfield, UT.
I'd buy that. Can you two smarty-pants tell me why?
There was nothing wrong with the old set up. I just wanted to get all the steering my RCVs were capable of getting and the old 8inch ram wasnt going to let that happen and I didn't like how low and outboard I had originally mounted if. I was ordering the new rams for my new buggy and decided to buy a 3rd one and upgrade the single seater while I was at it and I have that friend with that fj buggy that wants my old ram so it's all working out.

I'm much happier with how tight it steers now. With my corrected factory Ackerman I get 41* on the inner tire and 36* on the outer. I would like the Ackerman to be changed so the both would be 41* but I'm not going to mess with that on these king pin axles. On the bronco we set it up so the outer tire turned sharper because when crawling most of the weight is transferred to the outer tire.