Coyote Camp


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So, I haven't been doing much of anything on my blog for a long time. Been jonesing for cooler weather and the start of coyote hunting lately though. Laying awake at night wishing I was in my sleeping bag somewhere out amongst 'em. So I started looking at my old coyote camp pics. And ended up writing a new blog post.

It's pretty on topic, too. What I call "camping" or "coyote camp", is what the cool kids on the interwebs have been calling "overlanding" for quite awhile now. I've just been doing it a helluva lot longer than there have been interwebs, is all.

Anyway... If you are bored and have a few minutes to look at some pics, they be here:

Coyote Camp

Looking grim, for coyote hunting this year, too, BTW...



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Those pictures of you and Tim are fantastic. Just wondering what your plan was with that boat in the middle of the snow storm. Well done.


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Just wondering what your plan was with that boat in the middle of the snow storm. Well done.

Going fishing, of course :). Tim still likes to tell that story. I rode the boat down the ramp like a toboggan right into the lake. Fish were biting good, too. Was kind of hairy though.



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Thanks for sharing Dave!

We have 'family camp' and 'race camp' at our house.

'race camp' is when I head off to a desert motorcycle race alone. I take only my moto gear, and a few essentials. It looks similar to yours.. bag on the cot, cold mountain dew in the fridge, and just some stars for cover... However, I usually set the cot on the trailer or truck bed to get myself just a few more feet away from the snakes..

'family camp' takes an entire day to prep the camper, check all the batteries, propane, tire pressures, bug spray, dog food, generator, shop for and load groceries, load all the motorcycles, fill fuel cans, etc, etc, etc.. Then it's an hour to set up camp, and multiple hours to take it down.. Then head home for another day of unloading and cleaning the camper..


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Very interesting pictures and commentary, thanks for sharing. I particularly enjoyed seeing the longhair Dave and Tim of yesterday.
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My camping has gone full circle, started out in a tent in the '70s moved on to bigger and
better trailers, 5th wheels/toy haulers...
Kids are now married and moved out, sold the trailer and I'm back to basics.
All my camping gear fits in the back of my Jeep, simple no-frills but comfortable. (taking the road less traveled)