Coyote Canyon Nov 3rd


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A buddy and I were looking to run Coyote Canyon this Saturday. According the calendar it looks like the permit is already taken for that. I am curious if maybe the person/people that have the pass for that day are RME folks? If so, and if your group is 5 or less if you’d entertain 2 more vehicles joining you? We have capable cars and are experienced wheelers. No junk that would breakdown and hold you back.

I know the chances are very slim but I figured trying this is worth the 2 minutes it took to write the post.



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Good luck. Our whole family is heading to Moab this weekend and for the first time since, forever, without a rig. We'll be doing the half and full trail marathons up Pritchett Canyon.


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Moab Friends For Wheelin' has the permit for Nov 3rd. I'm not sure how many we will have, but so far only 5 have confirmed. You are welcome to join us if we end up having open spots.
Thank you so much for responding. Unfortunately we just picked up a 3rd (a SXS). That being said there is no way we are dragging him through the trail and we would push the total number past the allowed 7 rigs anyway. I toyed with the idea of telling them they are more than welcome to walk the trail and watch us but I was told that’s “insensitive”.

Thanks again for responding and this right here is one of the many reasons RME and the rock crawling community so cool.
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