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So one June 5th I put money down and ordered a diesel JLUR with the options I wanted, from Dempsey Bowling (turbominivan). Like Greg and his gladiator this is the first vehicle I have ever bought new! So excited but not after reading about the ecodiesel recall troubles! Most that I read was from 2016 and earlier so fingers crossed!

Build specs:
Rubicon package
3.0l v6 turbo diesel engine with ESS G3 (electronic start/stop gen 3)
8-spd Auto trans (8hp75)
Firecracker Red monotone paint
Premium cloth low-back bucket seats (black)
Black 3 piece hardtop
Advance Safety group (adaptive cruise control)
Safety group
8.4 Radio and premium audio group
Remote Start
Remote proximity keyless entry
Trailer tow and HD electrical group
LED lighting group
Mopar Hinge-gate reinforcement

With the ecodiesel the axle ratio is going to be 3.73 but I think the engine will be ok with just 35 inch tires! My '18 JKUR has 3.73 and I'm running 35s but I do have the superchip Pulsar that helps.

I haven't heard anything yet on the order but hope that I get updates from FCA.

I went with the diesel for several reasons... one I usually tow my trailer to moab when I go there so this should be a great vehicle for that! Second I drive from Layton to Evanston Wyoming M-F for work so if I can get 25-29 mpg it would be great! (I drive a VW Passat that averages 40 mpg now but it suck in winter).
and then there is the 442 lb/ft of torque!

I plan on keeping it simple for awhile so as to not void the warranty so if the engine does go out I'm not stuck with a huge lawn ornament!
I wish that mopar had a 2-3 inch lift that I could get so that I don't void a warranty by installing someone elses.
I will definitely want some skid plates!

So as I learn more I will post up here with pictures.



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I had to get some warranty work done on my JLUR that had a lift on it. They didn’t say a word about it.


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I think what John is getting at is this: Mopar does make lift kits for the JL. If you have one installed by a dealer, it will be covered under Jeep's warranty. They offer different kits, each with unique springs tuned to the different weights of specific engine/transmission combos.

As of this moment, they do not have any lift kits for the diesel engine Jeeps. :(


too poor to wheel... :(
Layton, Utah
I literally was on the JLwranglerforums.com site all weekend reading everything I can. they have a traking software where you enter your vin order date and email and it will notify you when the build sheet is uploaded and when the window sticker was printed... pretty neat!

I also came across the letter combinations to show where your jeep is at in the process. (see attached).

Dempsey as I said other jeep dealerships are just putting on the 3.6l lift with a 2/4-1 inch spacer in the front to level it out. I also found that the diesel rubicons are 1 inch taller then the gas rubicons. So a 2 inch lift is actually 3 inches.

build letters.JPG


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I wouldn’t sweat your engine choice. The third gen ecodiesels has lots of issues. They ranged from 2015 to the “classic” 2019. The 4th gen is “80%” new engine parts. I haven’t heard of any failures yet and I pay pretty close attention. My 2015 is doing pretty good.