Trip Report Double Sammy Blues


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Plain City, UT
Not sure if this is really a trip report, but I thought some of you might enjoy it.
Last year during the Winter 4x4 Jamboree the spindle bolts on my Willys CJ2A pulled out and my wheel fell off in the middle of the Double Sammy night run with Tim Saunders. We were stuck and not sure how to handle it.
Enter Kevin Boren and his amazing XJ. He strapped my jeep to his bumper and pulled us out of the top part of Double Sammy.
My good friend Jeff Petrowich was my codriver, photographer and partner on that trip. You might know him from his Willys MB Bam Bam. Jeff is also a musician and he wrote this song about our experience on Double Sammy. I hope you enjoy it. Jeff took most of the pics and videos in this things and he made the video. His son is the electric guitarist.