Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
The stock exhaust is super heavy with a giant catalytic converter that does this air cooled bike no favors. So I picked up a carbon fiber Akropovic knock off and a mid pipe from a ZX400 (since it was shaped similar) did a very slight modification and using a KTM exhaust hanger was able to get it to fit up just how I wanted.


I probably lost 10+ lb and according to the non scientific decibel meter app - only picked up a very very slight increase in volume (with the sound damper cap in).

I think it sounds lots better, what do you guys think?

Really the best part is that having a cat on an air-cooled bike makes them run really hot and generally a bit too lean for my liking so deleting the cat on my other bike actually help me pick up a few MPGs and made it run much cooler. I'm hoping to see the same on this bike since it's essentially the same machine just longer suspension than the Scrambler Classic.



Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
So my wife and I ran into town to go to supercross on our Scramblers Saturday.
So great. Got to park up close.

Then she got to do her first lane filtering through downtown traffic and we got out of there in 1/3 of the time. So proud. It's a little intimidating the first time especially if people saddle up close to the line.

I don't think she would have the confidence to lane filter without comms so that I could reassure her.


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
Did another 225 ish miles today up to Wyoming for work.
It was nice and overcast and high 70°s up through the canyons and very nice in WY. I can see why people like it up there in the summer.
However, the way back down the 89 was brutal. 100°+ on the asphalt ugh.
43 mpg up and 52 down.
I hand calculated so I'm not sure why the discrepancy?

Anyway I'm super stoked I finally got my culinary water hooked up, but I'm not stoked on the bill....
The excavation company billed me $1165 for 5' of trench with a 55 yanmar mini ex (from the previously installed blue water meter lid here) 5' of 3/4" pipe and a $165 yard hydrant...
Gonna have to call them about that...
Perhaps I'm ignorant and maybe those with excavation experience can enlighten me if this is a fair price?


Beach bummin
Pleasant Grove
It does sound steep but also not surprising at todays prices.

A lot of contractors are so busy that they are knowingly overpricing stuff just to weed out the lower paying jobs.

I have known at least 2 contractors that have confirmed “tripled their price” in the last two years and are no less busy than ever.

My last company I worked for had a $1,000 minimum for any work done no matter how small.