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A couple of months ago I bought a 2012 F150 SuperCrew with an EcoBoost. I have been out of town most of the summer so my son has been driving it. My wife drove it to St George to haul the motorcycles back but other than that it hasn’t pulled anything heavy until a week ago when I went to Lake Powell.
On the drive to and from St George my wife averaged over 18.4 mpg at 78mph there and back. The trailer she pulled back was just a 12’ single axle trailer with a big fold up ramp. We had two big 4 strokers and 3 little 100cc bikes and a lawn mower.
To Lake Powell I pulled my 24’ Chaparral which is a heavy boat to begin with, loaded with pop, water, food, coolers, ice and gear for 14 people for a week. Once I got past Payson I was able to set the cruise at 78mph. The first real test was climbing up out of Scipio. I think the cruise dropped to 76 before catching back up to 78. The hills never really even made it break a sweat. It has a 6 spd auto in it that you really can’t feel shifting. Average mpg to Lake Powell and back loaded down was 10.8. I normally pull to Lake Powell with my 2008 Expedition with the 5.4, I get 9 mpg loaded the same way and every hill kills me to maintain 65 mph. My cruise in the Expedition would always shut off from dropping too low.
Here you have a truck that can pull 11,000 lbs and rides and drives like a ½ ton. With my F250 Power Stroke, it rode harsh, was noisy at all speeds and it drove like a truck. The EcoBoost is amazing. You can’t hear it. I have owned all three American trucks. I have never liked how the Dodges were finished inside or how they drove. Love the motors but would never own another Dodge truck. I have always liked how the GM’s rode and drove. Motors have always been good. I have been driving Fords lately because I have liked the way they are finished off inside. I don’t have any need for anything bigger than a ½ ton anymore. If any of you are in the market for a 2010 or newer ½ ton, I would go drive the EcoBoost. What a truck. I got mine loaded up pretty good and it is a pleasure to drive.
The only thing I have done to it so far is put a leveling kit on it. I have a set of 22” wheels sitting in the garage to put on it but I am thinking of holding off because it just rides too nice to screw it up with big wheels and tires. I will install the Lok-Pik to the navigation and add an external DVD and monitor to it and a forward facing camera.
Anyone else have any seat time in a new EcoBoost?


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Good to hear you like it. I havent met anyone who owns one and isn't blown away by it. As soon as I'm down to 4 kids at home I'll be tradin my excursion for an ecoboost.

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I bought one about two months ago I was very nervous going from a powerstroke to a v6 f150 but I could honestly say it tows if not better then my powerstroke I love mine and recommend it to anyone
I havent met anyone who owns one and isn't blown away by it.

I love the F150 supercrew I drive for work (13-14mpg), and the people I've talked to with the ecoboost really like it. The rear axle is basically a D60, putting it at what we used to call a 3/4ton. I towed a buddy's jeep with my previous supercrew and thought it handled ok, and I've pulled my flatbed a few times with snowmobiles on it, though I'd probably put airbags on it to pull my jeep.

And it has a much nicer ride than my eXcursion or any superduty I've been in, though that 1-ton stiffness is a plus when you are towing and need the control.


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My brother bought a new F150 back in December with the EcoBoost and likes it, although his wife drives it likes she stole it and seldom gets better than 14mpg.


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I seem them on the street and can hear the turbos spooling up at times! Such a sexu sound! ;) I would love to get one but they are pricey. Like 40k or more if I remember right from when I was checking them out.

Glad you like yours rholbrook.


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My son got one in Nov and has over 20k on it now.. I got one in Dec and have 12k on mine.
He gets a couple mpg better on his than I do. Mind you, he is the one that they keep taking his license.
There are a couple big differences between them.
Mine is SCrew longbed with 3:73s and dumbo mirrors
his is SCrew shortbed with small mirrors and 3:23 or whatever is standard.
With all the torque I find the gears probably were a waste and just cost mpg.
BTW I am sitting in St.George right now, drove down last night with the cruise on within 5 miles of the speed limit. And I got 17.1 I could watch the mpg drop when it was holding 80+ on some of those long grinds.
Love the truck but I wish towing mileage was better. It tows my Bronco on a flat bed like it's not there. Hard to believe for a gasser.

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I just picked one up on monday, havn't put to many miles on it yet but I love it. Mine is a supercrew 6.5 bed with 3.31 gears averaging right around 16mpg around town right now. Taking it camping up in the Uintas this weekend, that will be the first test. Ford actually has a good deal going on these right now, I've been looking for a used one, finally decided to go look at some and ended up picking up a brand new more equipped one for only a couple hundread more.


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With the turbos, are there cheap/easy ways to get more horsepower?


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I wish Ford would offer the eco boost as a crate motor, I would love to replace my 5.4L in my 2000 SD with one.

(of course trying to run it in front of a zf 5spd might be a whole other can of worms...)


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With the turbos, are there cheap/easy ways to get more horsepower?
Yes, with a cold air intake, edge/superchip programmer, and exhaust, it adds over 100hp. We were looking into tricking one out at work and was amazed how much power you can add for around a grand. You can put it over 475hp with the 3 add ons. I recommed the AFE intake, Edge Evolution, Banks or Magna-Flow exhaust.

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I am curious to see how these engines hold up long term. Turbo charged gas engines don't seem to last quite as long as naturally aspirated ones. I am talking 100k plus.