Archived EJS - First weekend: who's going down?


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Ill be down there from the 8th-15th.

No booth this year and no real plans except to meet up with some people, camp and wheel. I will have some stickers and hats with me though.
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I plan to go down Thursday night (6th) or Early Friday morning. Flat Iron Mesa Saturday I believe when my buddy rolls in. We try to avoid the masses and keep the group small. Probably go do a little cleanup at PSH before I climb it a time or two at some point Sunday.... Leaving Tuesday before the real masses arrive...


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I'm headed down Friday night. I'm signed up for an official trail Monday but am going to run something sat and sun maybe tue morning. I'd be interested in tagging along with small groups that would have me I am not going down with any one.

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Hey Justin...Replied to your PM but the browser was acting up. We will be down there the same days..I will be doing F&T on Saturday morning and Flat Iron on Sunday. Other than those just doing some off trails with our neighbors. Love to meet up and talk overland RTT stuff as I am in the market. I'll keep an eye on the thread and maybe can find a way to hook and and visit since you will not be doing a booth this year.

Thanks for reaching out on some of the overland questions and look forward to talking Prudhoe Bay.


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I will be towing the trailer down friday (leaving at 10am) have the following trails..
Hells saturday
Top of the world Sunday (leader)
Fins Monday (gunner)
and more trails all week.