Official EJS Planning forum now open!

I'm thinking of being there Wed-Fri if anybody wants to run a non-club trail. Looks like the following schedule would be open:

Wed- Pritchett or Rusty Nail
Thu- Moab Rim and then Hell's after the scheduled run is over
Fri- Rusty Nail (if not done on Wed)

I'm just looking to get down there with my 5 y/o to show him the magic that is EJS but I don't have anybody to wheel with.


I'm taking the week of EJS off, plan to be there most of the time. I don't really have set plans, other than the Warn Run on Monday (in the JKU), the Flat Fender Run on Friday (in the CJ2a) and checking out the Vendor Show on Thursday.

I have a room in Green River reserved, but it's only 30 min more to my home. Not planning to stay in Moab. :)