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I went to pick up my rental car Sunday and because of how often I rent, I just have to go to a board and grab the keys with my name on them. The keys said JEEP on them so I figured it was a new Cherokee, I was okay with that because I had never driven one and thought that it wouldnt be that bad. Well, as I walked out there was a Cherokee but it wasnt in my spot listed in my paperwork so I kept walking only to find a Jeep Renegade. What a sorry excuse for a Jeep. It should say Fiat, not Jeep. It was noisy, wandered on the road like a Wrangler but with none of the excitement. If they rent these things, they should at least tint the windows so no one can see you driving it. Good thing I am going to spend a week in Moab when I get home in a real Jeep.


But stuck more often.
Yeah well I got stuck in a Jeep Patriot last week for a few days while my truck was in the shop. I knew it was going to be bad when I pulled into the driveway and my kids started laughing at me! It was miserable.


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My GF bought a cherokee, and it's actually not too bad. Drives nice, gets decent milage, has good fit and finish (so far). We rented a Renegade in Hawaii and I hated it too.


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Remember the renegade is not built to really go off road. It's a mass market money maker that is more capable than the comparable Juke, Cube, Soul, etc. it killed the patriot and helps Jeep with their EPA numbers. I'm happy it's around