Fairfield, UT - Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake 4x4 Trail
Difficulty: 3 - 3.5
Location: Trail starts on Sunshine Canyon Road 7 miles west of Fairfield, UT on Hwy 73
Distance: 2.5 miles one way
Description: This trail begins at approximately 3/4 of a mile in from the road where you divert from Sunshine Canyon to the next canyon to the west. A few good sized rock obstacles to play on. The trail ends before the infamous Wayne's World and Constrictor Trail beyond that. County dirt roads to the east of the trail take you back to the road at the entrance point.

Rattlesnake GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 40°15'22.54"N, 112°12'23.55"W
  • Trail End: 40°17'13.13"N, 112°11'40.85"W
  • Wayne's World: 40°17'13.42"N, 112°11'40.48"W

Rattlesnake Trail Map

To View trail in Google Earth: Download the attached .KMZ File and Open.


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You've got the start and end of Rattlesnake marked wrong, and you have the beginning of Constrictor marked as Wayne's World. The course is true though. Oh and the actual Sunshine Canyon road is west of Rattlesnake, the road that leads out of the parking lot is NOT the Sunshine Canyon road, I know google has it marked that way but there is a sign on the actual road, and actual topo maps have it marked correctly.
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Here's the actual position for ww 40°17'0.79"N 112°11'35.87"W

Actual end of rattlesnake 40°16'12.39"N 112°11'47.05"W

Actual start of rattlesnake 40°15'51.69"N 112°12'15.89"W

The start could be off a bit, I'll gps it next time I'm out there.

I think it's a good idea to leave the extra route in between though, the roads can get confusing the first few times you are out there.

Also, in his Constrictor kmz he has Rattlesnake ending right before Con
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