Fairfield, UT - Sidewinder Trail Loop

Sidewinder Trail Loop
Location/Description: This trail is within the 5mile pass open OHV area as noted on the BLM Website below. This information has been provided so you know where you are at when you go attempt to explore this trail because the correct way to run it can be hard to follow if you don't know where you’re going. It was created for a vehicle with a minimum of 35" tires, front and rear lockers, basic safety restraints & roll protection, as always with any off-road experience you should have the right equipment, never go alone and you should always be amply prepared for the worst weather conditions in UT, Proceed at your own risk... The start of the actual tail is about the middle of Rattlesnake and heads to the top of the mountain before it takes a loop back towards the parking lot. You should expect to hit 30 obstacles and spend 3 hrs to 5 hrs on the trail.
Its highly recommended you study this map and print out a copy to carry with you:
Distance: 5.47 miles around the loop back to the parking lot.
Trail Details: Continuing up the same canyon as Rattlesnake, you turn left hitting a couple of ledges leading out of the wash. Then you immediately start hitting about 20 different obstacles shown on the map provided. These obstacle rang in difficulty from 1 out of 10 to 8 out of 10. A lot of desert rock piles and ledges that "snake" sideways, in between trees up a rocky ridge all the way up to 6058ft which is the top of the mountain you are on. (This will be about a 500ft positive elevation change, at this point the exit trail to Sidewinder begins and this is also where you can catch a view of Utah Lake to the East and the Tailings piles to the North). As you go down the exit trail there are 10 obstacles that lead you straight down a wash back to the connector road that goes between sunshine canyon rd and rattlesnake canyon. Please remember to pack out whatever you packed in and leave no trace of garbage if any is found that was left by others.

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Out Crawlin'
I get not wanting to provide to the masses but I am saving this as a route for personal use. I was just hoping someone here had already done the work, that was willing to share.