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Kevin B.

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Zeppelin and Grateful Dead. And fabric bands that stretch around knuckles or fingertips seem to be the ones I use most.

I tend to use them on my hands to keep the blood off my projects (that's actually how I noticed I had cut myself).
As I get older it seems like everything I brush against makes me bleed. I'll do a MTB ride through a brushy area and I look like I've been flayed.
That's because you deliberately aim for every sagebrush in a five mile radius.


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I have this vinyl album in my collection. One of my favorite bands, with a band aide on the cover. Most of you youngsters probably don't even know who this band is, just like I don't know half the bands you mentioned above.

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Headed to go plow some snow, needed my bandaid to stay on. It's medical tape, not just scotch tape, so it does stick to skin pretty well. Oh and here's what the bandaid is covering. It's just the first layer of skin, it's not deep.