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Price, Utah
My favorite desert tire is still the Kenda Parker DT. Lasts a long time and has good traction through the entire life of the tire. Speaking of that, does anybody have any interest in 120/90-19 Parker DT? Kenda sent me the 19’s instead of 18’s last year for Vegas to Reno and they are just laying around. I have 2 of them that I would let go of for $40 each. Kind of an oddball size but thought i would throw it out there.


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Clinton, Ut
I wasn’t a fan of the Tusk recon. Forward traction was good but it had zero braking traction for me.

I put a tusk emex on my wife’s 150 xcw and I really really like it. I would run it on my bike but like Derek, I can’t get over the IRC gekkota Ve33s


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Pleasant Grove
I have been running the Tusk Emex T-45 on the rear of my 300 for two race seasons. I got a full season out of the last one, this one isn't going to make it but I have been riding more this year. They work great for desert rocky terrain and they are cheap. I really like the Parker DT and ran them for a couple seasons at Paul's recommendation. Like Paul says, they hook up well to the very end. f you are doing pavement miles, that tire will hold up great. I only stopped running them because RMATV doesn't stock them and I usually impulse buy new tires when I am picking up other parts. I am thinking about running a Recon for the summer for single track in the mountains but haven't swapped one on yet.