Central Utah February RME Trail Run - Little Sahara Dunes


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Logan, Utah
  • Federal and State regulations require the use of safety flags within recreation area! Every vehicle MUST have a ORANGE flag!
I've never been to the dunes so I looked up the specific requirements if anyone else was interested.
(d) when operated on sand dunes designated by the board, a safety flag that is:
(i) red or orange in color;
(ii) a minimum of six by 12 inches; and
(iii) attached to:
(A) the off-highway vehicle so that the safety flag is at least eight feet above the surface of level ground; or
(B) the protective headgear of a person operating a motorcycle so that the safety flag is at least 18 inches above the top of the person’s head.


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I'll be in the XJ, I expect to be severely underpowered and likely not able to climb a lot of the hills. I'd bring the kawi but not sure I want to leave it anywhere while I'm out in the Jeep.

The sand may be quite drier than a normal February ha


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Holly Day
For those of you that might be interested. My son and I will be heading out on Friday afternoon. We are planning to go on a dirt bike ride either in the sand or dirt. Wheel on Saturday and then ride again Sunday morning before we head home.