Central Utah February RME Trail Run - Little Sahara Dunes

Picked up a new rig to replace my current one:

2008 Hummer H3 Alpha

5.3 V8, 4:1 transfer case, front and rear lockers, and currently sporting 35" KO2's.

I'll be bringing this one to Little Sahara instead. I just barely got it home from Seattle Sunday afternoon, and I need to replace the passenger front axle (CV boot apparently decided to tear open and throw grease everywhere during the last leg of the trip), as well as start the process of moving all the mods from my old H3 to this one.

Pretty sure I have a much better chance of making it up that first big hill with this thing.


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Spanish Fork, UT
Alright we will be set up at White sands (its marked number 2 on the map on page 1 of this thread). We'll have a couple springbar tents, my green JKU will be there. We are doing ziplock omelets for breakfast and will have enough for everyone. We'll feed the boys around 8 and be ready for you guys when you get there.


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Looks like some mediocre weather next weekend. On a positive note, a little moisture will make MUCH better grip on the sand. Those of you/us with open cabs will want to dress warm!