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So anywho, some of yall on here know what I have been upto when it comes to getting back into the crawling scene. For those who don't know let me introduce you to a legend I just picked up from the guys at Slee Offroad in Golden Colorado

Originally hailing from california, built by a top quality fabricator, started in 09, being brought back in 2015; the fishmouth fabrication rockwell hilux!!
Original build thread (thanks to YROC for posting it up)


plans are to keep it right around what dan had planned for it. it functioned well and looked awesome

Motor - 454bbc tbi
Trans - most likely turbo 400
t-case - atlas 2 speed with 3.8 gears
Axles - slowly being built up 2.5 ton steering rockwells


Front - 4 linked with 1.25" heims with spacers necked down to 5/8" bolts. fox 2.5"x14" travel coilovers with resivors.
Rear - 4 linked with 1.25" heims and spacers necked down to 5/8" bolts. not sure on shock length yet, need to read into that.
Wheel base: probably right around 125"-130"


Full hydro with 4 wheel steering,
Rams - PSC 3" bore with 1.5" shafts and 9" stroke, front and rear.
Pump - PSC High wolume and smaller pulley
Orbital - PSC 185cc

Tires and Rims:

Tires: Going to run the claws for now, but eventually going to 44" competition boggers.
Rims: For now just going to do some weld one beadlocks but will eventually get some double sided beadlocks.

Parts ordered so far:

1- full 1.25" heim kit and seal/bootkit for 2 steer axles from Rockwell Offroad
32 - misalignment spacers from RuffStuff Specialties.
1- PSC Double Ended ram, 3" bore x 9" stroke
2 - Axle link brackets from Bluetorch Fab.
1 - pair of tierod to straight bolt adapters for the steer knuckles from bluetorch fab.
4 - 7/8 RH heims from for steering links
2 - 3/4 rh heims from for the steering ram.

Parts that came with the purchase:

1 Complete rockwell 2.5 ton front
2 empty steer housings.
a crate filled with parts to build the 2 empty steering housing that came with it.
2 mohawk diff covers from fishmouth fabrication
2 center sections that fishmouth machined to do the pinion flip.
4 46" used baja claws on custom rims
fishmouth fabricated fuel cell
all the floor pans built and ready to be installed
all the skins for the outside including to working doors which ill probably actually sell and make tube doors instead of beating these nice doors.
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That thing is so cool, I was happy to have it listed on our site and even happier when you said you bought it. Going to be an awesome rig!


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awesome, 54"?

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I just read through that whole original build thread, as far as it went...I'm now really excited to see this thing finished! His fab work is insane.

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Just read the original build thread also. So, so stoked for you. Can't wait to see this thing finished! Congrats!


Stupidly Big Axle Buggy
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just got some stuff from my buddy at rockwell, 16-1.25" Heims, and a full steer axle seal kits with orange boots! threw in some decals and a shirt too! awesome guy! definitely will be doing alot of business with him.



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How much of the original bling came with it for that insane purchase price? :eek:


Never mind, found your last paragraph.
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in the midst of rebuilding one of the steer axles, decided to take a break and post a pick of a parts pile! from such great vendors like ROCKWELL OFFROAD, Ruffstuff Specialties, PSC Motorsports, and BlueTorch Fab. Stay tuned!!



Stupidly Big Axle Buggy
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bluetorch link mounts burned on, just the uppers for now. also got the fishmouth fab diff cover on as well. as it cools back down ill be reassembling the third member and getting it ready to be dropped in.