Five Mile Pass Spring Cleanup; Rattlesnake & Constrictor


Scope Creep
I've heard that the trails at Five Mile Pass have been pretty trashed in the last few months, sounds like it's time we planned a cleanup. Should we shoot for something in the Spring, March-April? I'd suggest starting in the parking area for the Snakes, then head up RS & Con, probably back down Sunshine Canyon and circle back to the parking lot.

I can provide trash bags, but we won't have a dumpster and will need to dispose of the trash we pickup.

Who's interested?!


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I can probably bring the dump trailer with the tow rig and use that for our dumpster. My days off may change by the time we get this done, but Sunday should be a reliable date.


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West Haven
We were there as a club two weeks ago. The snakes weren't too awfully bad but we did haul some out. The areas before the snakes by the main parking area where the porta potties are and across the road near the camping area looked horrific though. Pretty sad shape.


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Put me down as a possible maybe.. totally depends on my on-call situation on that day. We also have a dump trailer if needed.