For Sale Freightliner Crawler Hauler

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1997 2 Axle Freightliner Century FLC112 with custom rollback bed. Cummins M-11 410 HP with dual stage jake brake. 10 speed transmission with 2.65 rear end. Built to cruise at 65. Mid-rise 60" sleeper with 2 jack knife sofas along each side, each with 3 seat belts. Both fold down to make one big bed. Air ride rear axle, air ride cab, and air suspended driver and passenger seats. Fuel and block heaters. The ramps on back mount with 4 giant pins, so they are pretty easy to drop in case you want to use a 12k receiver or the sliding fifth wheel plate. Registered as an RV, so no special licensing required for recreational use.

I custom built this from an over-the-road truck to haul my unimog. In my opinion, this 11 liter cummins is perfect for light duty hauling like this. It is rated at 410 HP @1800 rpm and 1450 ft lbs torque @1200 rpm. With the Jake brake, you can cruise up and down Spanish Fork canyon without ever shifting or touching the throttle or brake. If I drive really conservative at 65mph, I can get about 13 mpg empty or about 11 with the unimog on back. The unimog weighs about 10k lbs, so it should handle any rig you wanted to put on it. When I had a crawler hauler trailer, it would get between 7 and 8.

I just pulled it out of storage and I'm in the process of getting it up and in sellable condition. I plan on this being a summer-long process due to demands on my time. My guess would be it will sell for around 14-15k by the time I get it cleaned up and things fixed on the list below. If anyone wanted it as-is, I would part with it to RME member for 12k now.

Tires - at least new steers
A few lights out on the dash
A couple of minor air leaks - not enough to make it unusable, but doesn't maintain pressure overnight
State Inspection
Power steering leak
Sleeper heater wasn't regulating correctly, so I have disconnected it.
Air conditioning has a yet-to-be found leak. Works great when recharged, but gradually loses pressure over about a years time.

Freightliner with Ramps.JPG
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I hope you sell it soon because I'm drooling every time I see this ad. How tough would it be to have a decent receiver in the overhang?
Ha ha! We've had a blast in it when my family was younger.

On the reciever, I guess it depends on how much tongue weight you wanted to handle. The back of the mog weighs around 3500 lbs, so the ramps are extremely sturdy. There is a pretty good receiver on the back of the semi, so connecting them wouldn't take much, but the member currently tying the two ramps together is only 1.5 x 4" C channel. It could easily be beefed up. Here is a photo - excuse all the hanging wires and lights - I'm working on a fresh coat of paint.
Ramp Rear Detail.jpg
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