Fridge Slides


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Have any of you built your own fridge slides. Or have an alternative to things sold here in the states. The Aussies have lots of cool stuff. But we don’t seem to have any of it so far.
I did a home made one on my last rig. Made out of 2x3 L steel, then bolted 500 lb 28 inch slides onto it, then L angle in aluminum that was just bolted together to make a tray. I put a piece of plywood and covered it in outdoor carpet to hold the fridge. Worked great.



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There are or have been a dozen different fridge slide options in the US, nearly all from Australia (ARB, Dob, TJM, MSA, Patriot,etc). Whst exactly are you looking for?


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I'm thrilled with the ARB one I got from Kurt. One beefy chunk of metal. I bolt it to the bed of my pickup and it slides out almost to the edge of the tailgate. Plus, no more watching the fridge roam around the bed on rough roads.


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I have an ARB. It’s basic but very heavy duty.

Tembo Tusk sells done pretty cool units but cost their weight in gold.

Based off of the threads I’ve read, building fridge slides and bed slides isn’t a cost saving. It seems the only benefit is getting a custom fit.


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I built one that worked great years ago. I still have it but it's just sitting in the garage. similar construction to taco7 but I welded the fridge tray together. The 2 slides were bolted to the tray and slide base. Then i bolted the whole thing directly to my truck bed. It held an Engel MT 45 so about 25.5" x 14.3" x 20".



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So I bought a dual zone 84 liter fridge / freezer.

I want to mount it in the back of my new truck so that I can take it out whenever I'm not using the fridge. I just want it to slide out far enough so I can reach everything and won’t sit above the level of the top of my bed.