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Garage Door Project


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
What do you guys think of rain gutter chains? I always think I like them when I see them.. but also think they are odd other times.
Our yard is very heavy with metal items from planters to old tractor wheels to an artistic motorcycle.
I think basic trucker tie down chains would work well.. but can’t decide if it would be too odd to add them.



I'm working on it Rose
Price, Utah
My neighbor had them for a couple of years and got rid of them. If you pipe your water away from the house after the downpout then these will not help get it into the pipe when it is raining heavy.


Beach bummin
Pleasant Grove
We had them on our house in Vineyard. For a rustic look we soaked the chain in muriatic acid overnight to strip any kind of zinc coating it may have, so that it rusts faster and evenly.

We never disliked them. Ice will build up on them but ice also builds up inside a downspout. And it’s way easier to break excessive ice from a chain than a solid frozen downspout.


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
I’m just going to keep my mouth shut, pretend that the garage door installer did his job right, and pretend to be happy that we have a garage door!
It doesn’t need to actually open or be functional, right?

But at least from the street it’s starting to look much better!!

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