For Sale Gopro Hero 4


Web Wheeler
SaSa Sandy
Asking Price
Used - Like New
Selling my Hero 4

Since my aviation career has slowed to a near halt figured I'll make use of my UAS certificate and try and make some money that way, so need to free up some funds.

Like new, haven't used it a ton. When I have its always been in the protective case. Mostly for underwater stuff.

x4 batt
12volt/110volt charger
Suction mount
hat clip mount
head strap mount
"selfie stick" which is also a tripod
floating stick
extra case doors
floatie case door
carrying case
All the cables

I'm sure I have more of the sticky mounts somewhere i've just never used them. I can probably find the box somewhere as well as I throw nothing away.

$250? obo Honestly have no idea on a price just going off what I see on ebay and amazon and factoring in the extras

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