Grandmas Skylark project


.......a few dollars more
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She's coming along. Obviously needs the rear bumper aligned. Just fixed a couple flow indicators and burned a few nubs out of the paint.

Tires and wheels are next

Super happy with it for a garage job. I either had the primer suck in a bit or I really suck at sanding out guide coat. Probably has a LOT to do with not being familiar with the products I used. There are a few 80 grit scratches that are barely noticable but it's a decent looking car for 80-100 hours of my time (maybe it's not worth it?) and about $1800-2500 in cash? I did strip ALL the extra coats off until I got to the factory copper color. That alone took about 40-50 hours including the jambs20220803_185022.jpg20220803_185052.jpg20220803_185035.jpg20220803_185025.jpg


.......a few dollars more
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Damn, Marc! She's beautiful! 😍

Cleans up pretty nice for a 50 year old blue haired gal eh? :D Thanks for the compliments. It's truly a 10' car but still looks pretty good up to about 5'. It's just not worth it to me to prep this car for it's intended usage to make it 1' car. I'd never want to drive it (and frankly, parking it at Smith's last night in the parking lot FREAKED me out even though it's a 10' car) if it was a 1' car.

There's a lot of flaws but for what I know about the materials I used (almost nothing), I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It could have turned into a 1-2' car with another primer coat and a better painter than me.

I need to keep getting the trim and interior on the car. I can't put trim with overspray on the car. I just can't do it. There is LOTS of white overspray on the trim from the cheap white paint job that was on it. That's WAY slowing the process down. I do get a little help from @ebryson and @lbryson for the trim. I imagine when I get to the interior, things will be the same? The best time to clean things is when they are out of the car. I have used Simple Green in the past and really like it. I'm open to other suggestions for interior panel cleaning. This will be my first ever headliner install. I'm a bit intimidated by that but we'll see how it goes.

@lbryson is a little shocked how hard a big block muscle car will "pull" when you hit the throttle from a roll. We had a great drive back from Smith's last night. Took the long way home. Coolant temp didn't get over 190* which is off the hook for a Buick big block.
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I can't imagine anything better than Simple Green for interior. It doesn't ever see to harm the materials you it use on, but it cleans and dissolves grime like a product that would harm interior.


.......a few dollars more
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The 3.50 gears OR the T400 needs to head on down the road. I don't think I went over 50-55 mph in my travles yesterday evening but my ear tachometer is hitting above 2200-2300 rpm (not sure how calibrated my ear is to be honest). Conclusion of drive is if I'm trying to run 70-75 on the freeway, I'm going to be turning some RPM with the 1:1 3rd gear.

I do plan to install a Holley Sniper in the near future for the car. That should clean up some carb issues I have and give slightly better fuel mileage than the toilet (Holley) that's currrently on the car.

Best options to decrease RPM?

1) 3.00 gear for 9"

2) 200r4 or ???

3) 4l80E

I'm inclined to go with the trans swap but curious what opinions are.




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4L80E would be sweet, but you'd need a standalone trans controller... $$$.

I don't think a Holley Sniper will control the trans, unfortunately.

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How much would you be into a 4L80 and a controller?

A 6L80 has a built-in controller, right? Just needs to be programmed or something? That would be amazing if it can be made to work....


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6l80/90 does have the controller in the transmission pan however it is pretty tricky to get working without the matching E38 ecu; general consensus is not worth it without the LS engine from what I've researched. There was a 200r4 on KSL the other day I think?

Found it: