Gravy's 1-Ton Do-All TJ


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So here is my build. The other forum I have it on is kinda dead, and I've had a few people ask, so I thought I put it up here to share. :D
This is mostly just a copy and paste, until I can go through and edit it.

My goals for this Jeep were keeping the ability to have a back seat and have it be good at a lot of different terrain, and to keep a low budget with some cool low buck tech.

I started this in July 09

Here is my XJ build

and what I did to it.


I replaced it...

Flexin it out to measure for shocks

lots of work still to be done...but here are the specs so far

have 65k on the engine
sye on the tcsae

milemarker 8000lbs winch

banditt rocker gaurds and roll cage

D60 front 35spline Yukon chromolly inner & outers, full Detroit, warn premium locking hubs. 5.38 gears

D60 rear FF bored spindles for 35 spline yukon chromolly shafts. spool . 5.38 and disc brakes conversion.

clayton 5.5 long arms
comp cut and stretched to 105.5" wheelbase
1" BL

ballistic double sheer hi steer arms

set of 39.5/15/16.5 tls's (40%)no name alloy rims

it's been back halved and the frame from the rockers back is 2x4x3/16" box tube.

front driveshaft and steering and shocks and strap the gas tank down in the back and its ready for trails

but definitely not ready for the street lol... that will take some work...


My roommate bought a 02 cummins last week
I just built a rear driveshaft 3 days ago.
got the brake lines run down the control arms and away from everything 2 days ago
I just bought a trailer yesterday
Getting a new windshield tomorrow.

I'm shopping for a detroit or a selectable locker for the rear. since it has a full spool I don't have a carrier


It's moving around.

rear brakeline routing

Bilstein remote reservoir shocks showed up last week.

along with my hydro assist ram from Burden Sales

and my hydro assist cap

ordered a set of suspension seats yesterday

Spent almost $100 on lug nuts for these stupid aluminum rims... arghh :pissed:

I ordered steering links from Ben Hanks Racing last week and I'm fitting them up at Ben Hanks on Wednesday

let my little sister take a test drive
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New seats showed up. I found something in mine... :wink:

almost finished with the steering and hydro assist.
basically its a flat waggy pitman arm drilled 5/8" for a 7/8" ballistic fab heim. 3/8" hydro lines from Hose and Rubber. 1.25" 1/3" wall DOM drilled and tapped at Ben Hanks for 7/8" ballistic heims. And that Hydro Assist ram from above.

then I got a wild hair and decided I want to drop it a couple inches. so out came the plasma and off came the trackbar bracket.

I picked up a some laser cut brackets from BHR and should be steering it in a day or so

I need about two sticks of 1.5 0.120 wall dom to sleeve the Tie Rod and build toob fenders. Anybody have a piece?


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I got my steering box cap tapped last night. All that is left is sleeving the tie rod, welding on the ram assist tabs, final bolt up and bleeding the system.

I started cleaning up the Box4Rocks 231 to 300 doubler. Basically it uses the planetary low range of the np231, in front of a flipped dana300, with triple cable shifters. All of this in a package 2" longer than your standard np231.

notice the fluid level gauge :shades:

I got halfway done painting it when I realized I had to swap the tailcone from a later d300 to hook up the newer style speedo pickup, so I yanked the yokes and pulled one of the tailcones before I quit for the night.

I also need to get hold of a np231 cv front output yoke to swap onto the front output on the d300.

Then onto the trackbar mount and building a new trackbar
and transfercase: build the triple stick cable shifters, (I ordered the cables yesterday)
mount the cutting brakes.
Then cleaning up and building tube fenders (I'm picking up 2 sticks of 1.5" dom this evening)
Add to the cage and mount the suspension seats.


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New pics from this weekend.

I got the steering and hydro assist buttoned up for the most part, I steered it and bled the system Friday night.
The draglink needs to be cut shorter so I can steer lock to lock, but no biggie.

tie rod 1.25" .281" wall DOM, sleeved with 1.5" .120" wall DOM tapped for 7/8" heims. (Thats 0.401" total wall thickness if you have trouble with addition :w00t: :rockon: )

Here are the new Hydro assist caps we have for sale. PM or call me if you're interested. These will be very competitively priced and we've already made a run of about 5 of them.
Just remove the snap ring on front cap of your steering box and slap this on, unbolt the top cap, drill and tap it. then attach your hydro assist lines and you're gravy baby.

Steering box ready to go in (with front and top cap tapped and ready)

This is my old trailer that was stolen.
Painted the trailer Saturday. Color is Sisal industrial enamel, with Skid-Tex slip-resistant paint additive. Wheels are Rustoleum Hunter Green
I need some ammo cans to make boxes for my straps on the tonque



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Sand Hollow
I love this TJ. It doesn't have all the bling parts but works just as well, usually better than rigs that cost 2-3 times what you have in to it.


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Friday I started on the crusher corners: I should have just bought a set of comp cut corners but I want to be different so I got the Smittybilt XRC ones to save $100 and now I'm welding all the holes up and modding them to move the wheel well back about 12". I tried to make them non-comp cut but with how far back the rear axle is this is as little as I could cut and keep the tires out of the fenders at full bump. Especially since I picked up 3" springs to replace the 5.5" ones on there now.

Here's the cut line


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Saturday: I spent from 10:30 am to 6 PM without stopping modifying those quarter panels... filling un-needed holes and getting the holes for the rear LED's cut out.

Sunday: We moved Karl and all his crap to a new apartment (nothing like waiting until the last day of the month to move...)

Monday: I Pounded the floor more to get the t-case up another 1.5" and remounted the stock belly pan to mock up the new one and to make it a roller again. Then Karl and I moved the 4runner our of the shop and cleaned the whole shop top to bottom.

Tuesday: I tore apart the dash on the XJ for parts and we moved Casey's TJ in for a full width swap.

We've got the front Hp 44 setup with 5.13's and a detroit, and the rear D60ff with 5.13's and 35 spline Yukons. We just need to cut off all the old brackets and add the new ones he got from TNT customs and Ballistic fab.

(That should slow me down on my rig quite a bit...)
So I haven't gotten anything done on my crap for days.... :(

I think in order to meet the Sept 16th Moab trip I'm going to have to have Tattons shorten/ lengthen my drivelines for me, and order a set of front tube fenders and hope I can sell them off and make a new set when I have more time.


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
I am lost on when this is all taking place... Are you copying from another thread? The days don't match up..

edit: don't worry, I just read your first sentence in the thread. Got it :rolleyes:


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So I got a wild idea to lower it from 5.5" to 3" at the last minute. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

here are the new springs

going to have to pound the exhaust a little to clear the driveshaft yoke at full bump.

some tight clearances all around (this is full bump)

Notice the trackbar clears the crankshaft pulley by an inch at full bump :eek:

and the frame cut I made for up travel (I almost got through boxing it off and fishplating it last night)

notch fits the trackbar bracket great :D


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Wrenchfest 2009 continues...

Dennis, Casey, Karl, and Chris all came by at some point last night, and we got a lot done. Thanks Guys!
Measured for driveshafts and took them over to Tattons for shortening/lengthening

got the crusher corners painted and mounted.

Rear shocks mounted. I'm using my old ones for now until I can figure out mounting with the remote resis

Got the frame notch all plated up and painted.
(I Also added 2x4x1/4" box inside the cut to stiffen it up.)

Chris and I got a new winch fairlead bolted up and one of the brand new 35 spline warn premiums buttoned up.

got some parts painted and quit about 12:30pm.
More updates tomorrow


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I missed a trip
I was up working on it Wednesday night until 12:15
Thursday night until 5:30 am Friday morning.
Then worked on it 9am to 12:30pm Friday and all day Saturday.
If I could have made it... I would have.

The two things that kept me where: the Stupid radiator drain plug I tore off cycling the suspension, and the steering box bound up... (still trying to figure that one out) but I suppose I'll swap it with a spare.

Feel asleep in the driver seat while wrenching Saturday... and called it quits. I try not to work Sunday so here I am. I hope to have it out for a test run this coming weekend!

Got almost everything done:

wired the rear LED's. (can't figure out why I have no voltage to the rear backups?)
built a crossmember and a tcase mount for the doubler.
reassembled the d300 and added 1310 CV yokes.
Mounted the front shocks.
Ended up having to pull the driverside inner to cut it down about 3/8" to fit the hub on.
both front and rear driveshafts built and installed (Thanks Curtis at Tattons: he had them done in two days)
Mounted the gas tank better, filled the diffs and d300.
Remounted the TSL's up front.
Stac cleaned the whole Jeep out and had it ready to go...
I was a little frustrated to say the least.

Pics soon


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Saturday is the planned shakedown.

anyways... I'm not bummed I got a ton of stuff done :headbanger:

new pics

Driveshafts (Curtis Tatton does great work!)

35 spline D60 shaft vs. 30 spline d44 shaft

35 spline D60 shaft vs. 30 spline d44 shaft vs. spray can
(these are big :shades: )


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I was only up till 1am. Had to tear apart 2 steering boxes, and I had to shift the tcases with a hammer, but it was awesome, even if it was just around the block :headbanger:

she's low, tub is lower than Casey's TJ on 35's and 5.5" rubicon express lift. :eek:

Low low on the tcase is stupid low... I love it :D