Guidelines for the 'How To' section.


Are you not entertained?!
Rules to the 'How To' section, READ before posting.

The idea behind this Forum is to allow a place where extremely custom modifications can be written up & posted. Since Rockcrawling is truly a owner-Fabricated sport, we want to allow our members the chance to show what they have built or changed on their own Rigs. The rules are as follows.

1- Post a well written, detailed description of the Mod.
2 -Including pics, if you have the tools to do so.
3- Include approx. time and cost estimates, as well as required parts.
4- Post a follow up 'Trail Test', with the results.
5- Answer questions about your mods to folks intrested in doing something similar, if they are asked.

These guidelines are somewhat general, but do not let them hold you back from doing your own post. The idea behind this is to provide a pattern to be followed in each writeup.