GUIDELINES:!!!! HAVE FUN!!---give each other sh!t, but don't cross certain lines

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Lately we've been having a lot of new people on the board which is great! We all try to act at least 18 or so around here and we've only had a few times that we've dipped below 16 years old or so. I've pretty much let everything slide.

Tonight I had to delete a post and take action against a member. I really don't like that, but that's my job. Let's all act like grown-ups.


1) Thou shalt not have Rediculous cursing---I drive a Jeep, therefore I curse. Everybody does, you don't need to put it in writing and if you do, at least use internet friendly expressions....example {sh*t works great.....we all get the idea--on more callous words f***, for instance, you can get the point across using more descriptive words or do as above}....go to the library and check out the dictionary. There are more than 10 4 letter words in the English language and you don't sound tough because you can swear.

2) Thou shalt not Personally attack a 'fellow member' in a public area---Not happening on my will be banned {I can't believe I have to write this}........We've had one direct attack on my board....NEVER AGAIN!!!! If you've got a personal problem with someone, this is a great avenue to communicate, just don't do it in public. There are these cool things called Personal Messages. Try them......No public bashing of one or any specific persons, groups, race, religion, etc.-----we're stand up people here, there's other places for that if that's what you are into....blah, blah, blah, blah... ...........

3) Thou shalt not post 'Nudie' type pics or links to them in public places (if you are asking, the answer is probably NO--please adhere to the agreement as you joined the Bulletin Board).....unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) there are other areas of the internet for that. If that is your thing, you have plenty of other places to go. USE THEM!!!! I do like tasteful bikini pics, however (doesn't everybody?), and I do have a broad definition, but keep Greg's rules/guidelines in mind when posting pics ...................................................................................This is a 'wheeling 'wheeling related things, but then again, this is 'Chit-Chat' so we can be a little broader here.

4) Thou shalt post interesting, debateable topics, similar, but not limited to the following----
Saturns are not really off-road material, but talk about Saturns or Pontiacs or Porsche is fine......Talk about the Colts beating Denver by a field goal in the snow--fine......Debate Barry Bonds vs. Hank Aaron---great topic.....Who's hotter??? {this will get my attention, but is still OK with me} Halle Barry or that chick (host) on Trading Spaces or Pamela {Kid Rock?}--I'll be watching and editing any 'non-acceptable' pictures {just act like your mother can read stuff}.........James Bond vs. Rambo.....Holy Grail vs. RAW vs. Airplane....whatever

5) Thou shalt not post to advertise ones business, 4WD related or not----NO----There is a 'For Sale' board, use it for it's intended purpose and if you want some advertising, do the raffle thing........that gives you or your business the 'pimping' while members of the board get something out of it. We all get marketed too ENOUGH!!!! I don't want it in my recreational areas of my life.........You've added value to the board by drawing new people here and accomplished your goals. Everybody gets a warm fuzzy from donated items.---See Greg

I've only got 5 (does that make me only half of a Moses?--is that Mo or Mos? :D :rolleyes: ) so far, Let's see how we do with those. Greg, may change or add to any/all of these. It's his investment {lots of time and more money than you think is involved in this} and I expect you to respect that. Everything else........whatever, just keep things a little light and good natured and everything is cool..... (I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, just like a female spouse---no offense intended to any female spouses, just going off of stereotypical 'norms'--no dear, I'm not implicating you would ever fit under that guise.....:D )

Thanks, for reading........If you have questions {is this appropriate ? type of stuff}, Send a moderator or Greg a PM. We'd like to have help to make this a great online community--it's only as good as the members and there are some great people here!
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Marc has 100% backing from me, on all the above. If anyone has a Issue with those rules, let me know.
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