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Any updates on this project? I am building a new house and looking to get a plan in place before I pour my foundation. I am mostly interested in an affordable door, but is still decent quality.


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I'll let you know soon. I currently have contractors at my house right now finishing my basement, so in probably 4-6 weeks I'll be doing the door on my vault.
I did something similar in December. I have a 30ft by 6ft wide concrete cold storage in my basement. I framed in a wall with 2x2 box tubing 1/8" wall thickness. For now I'm using a steel exterior door with deadbolt. A vault door will be added when budget allows.

I have a gun storage wall on one side and a workbench for projects and reloading on the other. I also plan to build some shelves for ammo box storage
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The panels and hooks are Gridwall intended for retail display. It is nice and heavy duty. The wire is 1/4" diameter in 3" grids. I found it on KSL. There are tons of accessories you can get for the grid system.

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I love what you did here, just wondering what you would do to insulate around the door for fire protection/heat, does it matter in a room with 3 concrete walls, ect. I have a similar space that may make sense to do this.
I figured that fire/heat damage would be rare since the cold storage walls and ceiling are all concrete. I did insulate the exterior wall (behind my gun racking) just to help keep the room at a reasonable temperature. I have a space heater set to 60* and a dehumidifier holding 25% humidity.