Trip Report Hanging Tree & Access

If they're on county road, no problem. I won't give people crap just for being on a county road. I may even ask about any conditions up the hill. For the most part I just wave hi and let it go, which is a problem in itself (long story for another time).

Sometimes people don't think about things, such as on 6/16. A couple of rock crawlers came from Dry Canyon, and while part of that road is an old county road that the status so far has not been decided (or so I am led to believe), they also went through two gates with a no trespassing signs. At the south gate you're standing right next to the no trespassing sign to open the gate. I was at one the north gate a few days ago and found someone stole the sign from there. Ok, I replaced it. Like at the XL Canyon main gate. Every sign I had up, gone. 3 no parking signs and 2 or 3 no trespass/private property. Enough of that, though.

I don't think that keeping the roads open is a problem. Parking will be an issue. Also, once the trail gets to where it crawls out of the gulch after a mud hole and there's a small dirt road, that is a problem. I'm working on resolving that. If you go to the county website it tells of the trail, and it says that once you get to the top you have to turn around. Which is kinda true, because of private property. I'm working on a few ideas that could change that (if only the county would work with me on this). See the attached map. What I hate is when I'm working on something like this, and the next thing I know folks jump in to do it themselves, and blows my work out of the water. BTDT and that is the primary reason for the RS2477 project failing. Attached is a map I'm working on. There are a lot of details on the map I'm working on, stuff applicable only to 3L Ranch, that I have to remove before disclosing it. But here's a piece of it to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


"Minions", huh? Yeah, the campers you are talking about had Tom's permission. I'll be sure to tell him that you don't approve of their presence on his land. No, I wasn't too happy about it either. That fella that Seth was talking about had reportedly told others to go ahead and park with that camper group, and they could get away with being there. That fella really does not have the authority to advise anyone on that. And I'll pass on giving you my apologies for that, Yroc.

Speaking of which, this was happening on 6/16. You were there, you say? Uh, are these your trucks, then?
One- you left the gate open.
Two- I dunno, read the sign.

"Minions". Huh. This is a perfect example Seth, why I am not known for being warm and loving.
Carl is it? Please dont take my "minions" so hard now. Only till recently in this thread you have been refered to as the "help" or "employee". Yes those our our trucks and trailers in the photo. We appoliges for parking on the land. I have not ran this trail for a few years and that was "thee" parking spot as far as i knew. We know now. I am also most certain we shut the gate because i was first throught it and my co passanger got out to open it and stood there till the other two trucks came through. I cant tell from the picture if the campers were there or not but maybe they had left it open? I could also careless if tom had let campers or any one else park on his land, I never gave an opinion on weather or not i think they should be there. The campers being there and us getting tresspass warnings only confused me. Cory McGee, Richfield UT
Well, what's done is done Cory. I’ll pass on the beheading part this time. ;)

Herzog, you wanted parking? You now got parking. And it's free or pretty darned close to it.

Curt mentioned the West Campus. Well, tonight I talked with Derek. He's the chief of police for Snow College. So here’s the deal....

As of tonight is anyone going to the Hanging Tree Trail can use the Snow College West Campus parking lot. ON WEEKENDS ONLY. And when there is no shindig going on, like the car show or whatever. The catch is, EVERY vehicle that goes to park there must (1) call Derek and make sure it’s ok, first. (2) Then you must register with the campus security when you get there. They might have you park a certain ay or in a certain location. Those two are the simplest requirements to meet. If anything it’s a show of respect to the school. It’s the least you can do.

There is video, unsure how much is on camera, but your trucks and trailers are safe there. Also, if you tell them you’re staying over night on the trail, and you don’t show up as planned, someone has an idea where you’re at an can call Search and Rescue if needed. A win-win situation.

Now, I said “on weekends only”. Who knows, maybe they’ll let one or two park there during the week and maybe they won’t. The key here is to call Derek first and ask.

Herzog, I hope that helps. As for parking on the ranch property itself, let me work on that, ok? I have a few ideas.
The potential the wst campus has is immense. I can think of a few ideas for your club there. Maybe do a rock crawler show, showing the rock crawlers and jeeps, and maybe do a few community rides. I dunno. The idea is to show the college your gratitude.

Derek Walk, Snow College Chief of Police, (435)340-1311.
That’s his cell phone. If he asks, tell him I gave you his number.

I hope the map I gave you helps you guys. I had to remove a bunch of markers and tracks that are specific for the ranch, so I could release it.
Also, if anyone needs any help or has any questions, feel free to call and ask. 435-299-0498. You can also text me


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Lehi, UT
I remember back when HTT came about, and the other land owner/old exit when you went right instead of currently left, (IIRC, this was many many years ago) was having issues with wheelers trashing his land, and vandalizing equipment. Hardline90 on here after talking with the land owner offered to have a sign made (that is now in HTT) as help with letting people know that it was private property on top in both directions, and to either come back down the trail, or know the combos to get out, in exchange for continuous use of his land for an exit (he would have the gate combo, and continue letting people know that it is private property on top and respect their land and equipment) the sign was made and handed off to some locals to have it installed. The next time we went up, the sign wasn't up, and the gate combo had changed. It took sometime to get the sign up, but was eventually put up, but was likely too little too late with that land owner on that side.

The only reason I bring that up is we as wheelers (and like many have said) are and need to be respectful of the land and the land owners surrounding HTT. Its a great trail, and I would hate to see access even more restricted when issues like these arise and happen.

Thank you, Carl for doing the leg work to find us wheelers a place to park in town, as well as areas surrounding the trail. I haven't ran the trail in a couple years, but would like to get back down and run it again in the future.

I remember we gave the local and his daughter that has the two cabins south of the main dirt road turn off a ride up the trail one trip to see what it was like, and they had a blast! Carl, if you ever would like a ride up the trail, consider this your invite to tag along.
Ok, you're on Coco. I'd take my truck up there, however while it does have 4x4, it's not an off-roader. Sometime I have to go back up the canyon and see how bad the flashflooding has been (Water! Finally!), there's a headgate that is in a precarious spot. I may see how far my truck can go up the trail. Had two flashfloods in two days, and likely one today.

Yeah, I think heard about that thing about the sign. Long story for another time. But I think I know who you're talking about. If I work with anyone on a set of signs for the trail, they're gonna get put up. I already have plans for at least four signs, have not worked out the text for those yet, probably will work more on that later today.
Afte the storms from the past few days, XL canyon road past the upper gate is gone. At least the part that goes through the creek. Dry Canyon took the brunt of the storm, and when "we know who the guilty party is, but we'll protect his sorry butt" put a culvert in, well....



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Supporting Vendor
Lehi, UT
Glad you guys are getting rain finally! I just hope the rest of the state gets some water. Sure is needed! Yes, like Skylinerider said, if you need help, let us know.
Thanks guys, but so far all is good. Camp got wet, and some floodings, but in all it was just a few trickles. Was rather humorous, at least now it is, here it is raining like the dickens, sitting there on my throne trying to take care of "business", and the next thing I know water's going by and I'm ankle deep. Well,!
At least the water felt good in the heat.

No damage, other than the road which the county fixed pretty quick. Which surprised me. And it surprises me that all they did is wash out the culvert. Even their guys are saying it needs to be an open ford.

I do need to replace the charge controller for my solar panel though. It got wet and started smoking. Now it doesn't work.
You know, I knew there was a catch somewhere, Kevin!
I can get 18+ VDC from the panel going into the charge controller, but maybe 5.6 VDC out of the charge controller. LCD display doesn't work, and when I took it apart I found what was left of a small catalytic capacitor that looks like it blew up. I rearranged the batteries tonight, now to get the charge controller replaced....

There was some mention of a sign. What are you guys thinking? I've been talking with the county about getting some kind of agreement set so people could legally go from the trail where it hits the T at the top of the Left Hand Fork Spring/mudhole, and then over to Horse Mtn. road to Dry Canyon road. Right now it's do-able, but legally not as there is no right of way on the private roads. I think we're talking about 2-3 property owners, SITLA and BLM. The map I attached a few weeks ago, I found it is inaccurate. So gotta re-do that, now.

Coco, you made an offer and I'd like to take you up on it. When are you planning on doing the trail again?

pkrfctr you can PM, call or text me.
Blah blah blah SXS blah blah. . ...
Ya Colten whens yous goings ups hanging tree?:)

Coco, you made an offer and I'd like to take you up on it. When are you planning on doing the trail again?

pkrfctr you can PM, call or text me.

I'd volunteer my CNC plasma table to make some signs if anyone can get an idea on what.