Hanging Tree Trail update

A few months back my former boss, Tom Lund, sold the Dry Canyon property. No idea who bought it. I got moved out a couple years ago, the county was pushing Tom on my presence. Guess they didn't like seeing someone up there.

The XL Canyon property was, as I said last time, traded to his brother Karl, and his view hasn't changed that I know of. So here are some copies of what I have on this. Please keep in mind that it may not be current or accurate. I can say that, to date, every road depicted in these maps I have hiked. (yes, back in the day when I wasn't as fat as I am now)

The color codes are....
Black, county roads
Red, non-system roads
Blue, new owner
Green, Tom
Mauve, Karl
Yellow, BLM

In addition, I have for you some detailed maps. This shows the road going from Dry Canyon road (black), and the road going to the Dry Canyon Waterfall. Which is totally cool to check out when there's water there. I have panned & sluiced the creek and found one microspeck of gold. Wasn't even worth the labor of trying to collect the specimen. Anyhow, the road going to the falls starts on BLM land, then passes through private land, and ends on BLM land. Kinda. I say kinda because with your rock crawlers you could follow up the creek for a considerable distance where it again enters private property. There is, at the waterfall, a rope anchor set in the rock for rapeling.

In this one, what looks lik it's inside the blue box on the left is actually BLM land. The loop in the lower right hand corner of that "box" is a pull-off/turn-around that you can freely use.

I think this is the part you want as it shows the Hanging Tree Trail. When travelling up canyon in Section 20, you cross from BLM land onto private property. I do not recall who the owners are, but they never responded when I wrote them about these parcels. The trail is highlighted in sky blue, which turns the red trail into black, so I changed it to a dashed line instead of a solid line. But you'll see there is about 1/4 mile from Karl's land to the beginning of the trail. I had painted a rock orange back when Tom owned it. No idea if it's still there.