Hello from Utah County!


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Utah County
Wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brian. I'm the proud owner of a 2018 JL and I live in Utah County. I grew up visiting Moab with my family every Memorial Day weekend as a kid and grew to love Jeeps. My dad made a deal with me that when I got my Eagle Scout Award, he'd buy us a Jeep to work on together, so right after my 14th birthday, he kept his end of the deal and we found a super clean 93 YJ. For the next couple of years, my dad and I worked on it and I ended up driving it through high school until I made the regrettable decision to sell it and buy a more sporty vehicle shortly after graduating. Fast-forward over a decade later and I finally rejoined the Jeep family with the release of the new JL! I love my Rubicon and have had the chance to wheel all over Utah County in addition to trips to Sand Hollow and Moab. I have yet to do any major modifications and probably won't until it's a little more paid off and of course, I get approval from the wife! Happy to be here and look forward to interacting with many of you!zari_current.jpg