Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects


Starting Over
It's so close.... another 30 min and I could have it running, but without gauges, which isn't smart. It would be running with open headers and my neighbors wouldn't appreciate that, at 9 PM. X-D The headers are both on now on, rockers are on and valve lash is set, I finished connecting the fuel pump lines, etc. Both headers were a PITA to get in place, they both hit the frame in multiple places and had to be clearanced.

I still need to;
  • Install the new gauges
  • Bolt on the water pump pulley
  • Buy new alternator & install
  • Install fan belt
  • Install spark plugs
  • Get vacuum hose for distributor
  • Install spark plug wires

I finally got my POR15 Gas Tank sealer, this stuff is EXPENSIVE!! -

I rinsed the gas tank several more times, using my pressure washer, then Degreaser and finally Muratic acid to etch the surface inside the tank. I added 2 quarts of the Gas Tank sealer and flipped it around every 30 min so everything was covered. The sealer needs 96 hours to cure!! I want to have it running before that, so I may run a line from the fuel pump right to my 5 gallon gas can. X-D



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Definitely let it seal for the full 96 hours. I wouldn't ever want to redo a tank. A gas can is probably a more appropriate way to start an old truck that you dragged out of a field a few weeks ago. 😎