I hate Craigslist Lowballers...


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I firmly believe that selling on KSL for a year should earn you credits toward a Master's degree in abnormal psychology.

I've been posting a lot more stuff for sale over the last two months and I wonder how some of these people get through life. It cannot be easy for them. I get the name callers and angry folks, too, but for me, they're the easiest to dispatch.

One older guy showed up to my storage condo a couple weeks ago and his wife said, "he's a great picker" which I've learned means these folks are pretty delusional and watch too much TV/American Pickers.

He dug through my Model A parts and said, "I really wish you had a tow truck bed for a late 30's truck."

Another guy would text me at all hours. I'd check my phone in the morning and there'd be texts he sent every hour throughout the night. He'd text me during the day, too. No clue when he slept. He was interested in some late 60s muscle bikes I had for sale. After a few dozen texts he finally asked to set up a time to meet. When we set a time, he asked where the nearest train or bus stop was. I told him there was one nearby and I could meet him there. While none of that is too weird, he finally topped everything I'd seen/heard over the last couple years. The day we were due to meet, he checked in a few times that he was going to make the money, he was almost ready, needed 15 more minutes and so on. When he showed up, he was a wreck. His clothes were disheveled, no teeth, he looked frail and I was shocked he'd made it to me.

He saw the bikes and the parts and lit up like a kid and said, "I had to sell a lot of plasma to get these."
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Awww, Matthew J Kelly of Utah got mad at me because I wouldn't take his half-priced offer on a engine I'm selling... poor little guy. And apparently I'm a "dousche" because of that. If you're going to insult somebody, at least spell it right!

This guy was pathetic, he pretended like he didn't see the price and even screenshot the ad to prove his point... but the price is right there. :oops:

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Wow. That's definitely one of the worst I've seen. If he thought he had any chance of getting you to come down in price, that's a great way to start a negotiation...

Not long ago when I sold our Murano, I had a guy that offered me $4k in cash on my $9.5k asking price. I said no and he responded with "but it's cash." *Sigh*

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Hey, I'm a CL lowballer

I may insult you with my offer but I expect a no most of the time and would not get offended or ever dream of talking sh!t back when my offer gets rejected
When you shoot someone a low-ball offer site unseen what percentage of people come back with a yes would you say? I'm just curious if it's enough people actually taking low ball offers to keep people encouraged to keep trying.


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I actually look for posts that have been up for a while so it's a bit of a calculated thing but I would say 25-30%. I have usually engaged in some conversation about the item and I acknowledge that I am making a crappy offer. Sometimes they counter, sometimes they tell me to pound sand and in that case I leave it as an open offer if they change their mind (nobody ever has).


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Call me old, but this electronic world is such a chicken way to do things. None of these people would "speak" this way face to face.
Ok, you're old.

Also, I think the same principle applies to driving. I see people drive like raging doueschees all the time and the use of the middle finger is all too common. I like to think that most people are probably pretty decent folks when talking face to face, but get behind the wheel and some people kiss that decency goodbye.


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I had a one in a million two weeks ago:

I get a phone call from an unknown number. I answer and the voice on the other end is of an old man. He's asking about a tool box I had on KSL for $500. He proceeds to tell me his life story all in the effort to bring the price down. He tells me he just missed a similar tool box that was listed at $300. I tell him I was sorry for his loss. I said I have some room to move, but not that much. He says he wants to come look at it. We agree to meet at my work where the box was. I arrived a bit late, but that gave me a bit of time to get it cleaned up. He gets out of his truck and tell me his trailer came off the ball on the way here and had a hard time getting it back on by himself. I looked at the couple and saw there was no pin through it to prevent it from coming open. I find a 1/4" bolt and put it through with a nut on it. Problem solved. We then start on the tool box. He looks it over and is happy with it. He says something like, "well I don't want to insult you...." Then just goes silent. After a few seconds I say I'll take $450 for it. He says he can live with that and gets in his truck for the money. He hands me 5 $100's. I look at it and say I don't have any change. He shakes my hand and tells me since I fixed his trailer he'd call us even. I loaded him up and he left.

I like old guys.