I heard that Nate and Ryan were.....


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........down in Delta this weekend playing with cones and spray paint. How are the courses looking for this year, gentlemen?
I think they look awesome. We actually made 10 courses so that competitors don't just run the same courses both days (backwards the second day). That's one thing I always loved about OSRC. I say 10 because 1 of the 8 isn't really possible for Stock/Legends so we created a stand-alone Stock course and a stand-alone Legends course to solve that.

Another piece I'm really excited about is the utilization of the tube and the matterhorn. They're classic obstacles and it's been too long since they were used!

I could talk about this crap for hours and in great detail but I'll stick to answering questions instead :rofl:


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I leaned on a bunch of my personal relationships so we should have a fair amount of Unlimited cars competing this year and we threw everything we could think of at them. Its crazy to think there isnt anything in Delta hard enough for the Moonbuggies but it should still be fun to watch!