Ingersoll rand 7.5 hp


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Kaysville Utah
I have a air compressor I don’t have a use for anymore. It was used in a dry cleaning plant that I took over and moved the equipment out off it worked fine when shut off and seemed to be maintained well. It’s around 2500.00 new and I need to get rid of it would like to get around 1000.00 but I’m open to offers. It’s located in sandy and needs to be unhook but is ready for a new home otherwise .D4A5F2E1-E8A4-4FE1-80F9-42F65A70D8F5.jpeg


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The last one we bought was $300 for 3 phase, not enough shops have it to make it a high dollar item. Also the motor needs to run at 3450 rpms, my ingersol runs at 1725 and I have the same pressure and 15 CFM so the Higher RPM ones have to run twice as fast to get the same rating as a more industrial type. Tim